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Otieno David Ngira

Otieno David Ngira
LLM in IDLHR 2012-2013

Nationality: Kenyan
Awarded the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Why Warwick?

I chose Warwick as I was awarded a scholarship which covered tuition fees, medical insurance and maintenance allowance. This meant there was no worry over finances and I had more time to concentrate on academics.

Though the scholarship application process was quite intensive, I found it quite enjoyable due to the regular feedback given on the application and the prompt friendly responses by the university on any queries that I raised during the process.

With my background in the civil society and women’s rights advocacy in Kenya, I found the LLM course intellectually stimulating as it addressed development, law, and human rights issues from a broad based theoretical and practical perspective. The diversity of students in the classes, coupled with the robust class discussions enabled me to further understand how human rights and development processes are experienced across different countries, highlighting specific regional success stories and lessons to be learned. All of these factors made the course very enjoyable.

Best Bits!

I highly recommend this course for other students because it not only enables one to broaden his/her understanding of legal, human rights and development issues but also trains one in critical thinking, problem solving and presentation skills, which are necessary in coping with the dynamic job market and life in general. Moreover, the lecturers, who have vast experiences from different parts of the world, are well grounded in the subject matter, and are often highly motivating and available for consultation on individual problems.

Where are they now?

Once I completed the course, I went back home and re-joined the civil society, where I was further involved in human rights advocacy. I believe that the knowledge and skills gathered at Warwick have and will continue to enable me to contribute more meaningfully to the human rights advocacy movement in Kenya and beyond. I believe that knowledge based advocacy is the best way of tackling development challenges and human rights violations both by state and non-state actors.