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Ozgur Ucar

Ozgur Ucar
LLM in IEL 2012-2013

Nationality: Turkish
Prize Winner: Best IEL Graduating Student 2013

Why Warwick?

My course in International Economic Law was co-financed by the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme of European Commission and a scholarship from the Turkish Government.

In fact, I had some concerns over doing a Masters of Law in the beginning, due to my age, because I was 35 when I applied, and my non-law undergraduate degree, namely international relations. After I decided to do an LLM, I also had a short period of hesitation at the phase of university selection regarding whether or not I should accept the offers from the universities located in London which is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Eventually, it did not take me long to accept the offer from Warwick, which was meeting the criteria of my both sponsors as well as matching my personal expectations in my field of interest at the same time. Along with its worldwide high ranking, competent academic staff, comprehensive LLM programmes, Warwick was distinguished from others with its unique campus site, which offers an excellent environment for student life both academically and socially.

Best Bits!

It was an unprecedented experience for me in all respects. We, as LLM students, were given a great flexibility to choose among a wide range of courses under different programmes of Law Department, namely Human Rights and Corporate Governance, along with certain courses from other departments. It was quite surprising for me that the Department has a policy to conduct courses on the programme list in any case, regardless of the number of students selecting them. Thanks to the department’s this policy, I had the privilege of taking the most stimulating course of my study, namely the “Law and Institutions” from a highly reputable and intellectual Professor. Moreover, all lectures were literally interactive, since the professors were quite encouraging. My observation is that there is no room for orthodoxy in Warwick Law School. You are encouraged to think critically and independently from an inter-disciplinary perspective.

The academic programme was intense and intellectually challenging but you were not left alone. Throughout my study, I was given continuous support and guidance by my personal tutor and academic supervisor regarding personal and academic issues respectively. If I have to name a few, the intellectual depth, competency, dedication, flexibility, availability and patience were the main characteristics of all academic staff, who were not pretending but literally treating students as equals and in a fair, friendly and respectful manner. Based on their deep experience with the international students, administrative staff were very competent, friendly and supportive.

Where are they now?

Overall, Warwick provided me with a peaceful and fruitful environment so that I could focus on my academic study while having an active social life. Here, I made wonderful friends from different parts of the world with different backgrounds. Also, although I could not see the immediate results in the beginning of my study, I now realize that Warwick has made a quantum leap in my intellectual and social skills. Besides increasing the prospects of promotion in my current job, my exceptional and sound LLM experience has opened various professional and academic options to me. I am now working for the Turkish Ministry for EU Affairs as an expert.