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Saquib Rahman

Saquib Rahman
LLM in ICGFR 2014-2015

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Why Warwick?

While practicing law at a corporate chamber after LL.B. (Hon’s), I found myself to have been particularly interested with matters that dealt employment issues within corporations. An area where two views (pro-employees and pro-employers) can result in completely different scenarios, when corporate governance is taken into consideration. Warwick awarded University of the Year by The Sunday Times basically caught my attention. I then looked up and found that the LLM program was apt for me.

Best Bits!

The fact that the campus can literally blend to any mood you are in! From simply purchasing groceries, to watching a movie, quietly listening to opera, partying hard, chatting with friends over a cup of tea, studying in groups, picking the sport of your choice and so much more. The rich library, the Arts centre, Sports Centre, Postgraduate Hub, the Student Union and the bars and cafes all around the campus, are too much to fully enjoying over just a period of one year.

Where are they now?

The outstanding dissertation supervision that I received at Warwick, has brought out in me the desire to pursue academia. I am currently engaged in research regarding whether employee participation in corporations would avoid tragedies such as the Rana Plaza incident in Bangladesh that took the lives of over 1100 workers. I am conducting the research as part of “Desh, We’re Concerned”, a non-profit research-based civil society organization, focusing on national policy reforms and matters of public interest.