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Saurabh Bagaria

Saurabh Bagaria
LLM in IEL 2007-2008

Nationality: Indian

Why Warwick?

Having finished a LL.B. from Pune University in Pune, India I sought to pursue a LL.M. from the University of Warwick. My objective for applying to the LLM course was to commit myself for further research and development in the field of International Tax and Trade law. What I found most attractive about the International Economic Law course was that the modules allowed me to focus on my specialisations and at the same time keep my options open. International exposure in these fields is of paramount importance and the same has in fact given me a tremendous boost in my career ahead. In India, there are a large number of direct and indirect tax enactments, some administered by the Central Government and some by different State Governments. The Parliament and the Government are constantly trying to simplify and rationalize the tax structure in keeping with rapid globalization. Pursuing an LLM from Warwick enhanced my knowledge in these fields which can be applied to solve complex legal problems involving national and international norms and principles.

Best Bits!

The cosmopolitan environment and interaction with internationally acclaimed faculty and fellow practitioners will be a valuable learning experience, one which will stay with me always. The academics were of the highest standard and the exhaustive group (small groups of around 10 students) discussions outside of classroom lectures, gave me an opportunity to apply, ask and discuss various nuances of law in minute detail. Throughout the course I received valuable guidance from my supervisor and tutor. They were at all times available and discussed all issues, academic and non-academic. I am in touch with my professors even today who are always keen to hear from me. The Staff-Student Liaison Committee is another unique feature that gave us a forum outside classes to get our voices heard. Apart from academics, the campus is buzzing with activities. Warwick has an excellent sports centre and I made full use of it. The student union and specially the Piazza were the favourite hang-out places.

Where are they now?

After graduating I started my litigation practice in Calcutta High Court, India and various Tax Tribunals in the country. I am mostly into tax laws, including international taxation, income tax, excise, customs, service tax, sales tax, anti-dumping and other indirect taxes. The knowledge and skills acquired at Warwick has ever since helped me in my practice, especially in cases involving international tax and trade principles.