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Siddharth Ranade

Siddharth Ranade
LLM in ICGFR 2011-2012

Nationality: Indian

Why Warwick?

As I had heard from friends who had been to the University of Warwick, I can vouch that the University is a place beaming with infectious vibrancy. As for the LLM program at the Law School, the course structure of the LLM program is very well-rounded. It offers students a wide range of subjects, each of which have a theoretical dimension. Many modules offer in addition a practical insight to the subject. For the LLM (ICGFR), the core module was a neat combination of the theoretical underpinnings of corporate governance and the practical aspects of financial regulation. The course content and the discussions during lectures were tuned to provoke critical thinking. I found that the other modules, quite like the core module, were of global orientation and struck a fine balance between theory and practice. The courses are taught by a very experienced faculty who are experts in their field. I found the faculty to be extremely encouraging of research initiatives by students and always willing to help students in furtherance of their academic and professional aspirations. Lastly, the high reputation of the Law School is beyond question. In my experience, the Warwick Law School is known among leading employers in India as one of the best in the UK.

Best Bits!

The most satisfying experience at the Law School was the plenty of interaction with the faculty during lectures, at seminars and even otherwise during consulting sessions. I was fortunate to have a dissertation supervisor who was extremely encouraging and offered constant guidance in developing my research for the dissertation. Besides, the University has a comprehensive library with wide range of books and resources. The approach of the Law School is multi-disciplinary and that helped me in refining my thinking about law. Another fascinating bit about the course was the module in law and economics recently started by the law School. I found the module to be a very thought provoking one. I think the module helped me develop a new perspective to thinking about law. I believe that the Warwick University with a strong faculty in both the law and economics departments is one of the most well-placed Universities to offer such a module.

Where are they now?

After I came back to India, I was keen on getting started with my legal career. I was fortunate to be referred to a law firm by my supervisor at the Law School. I am currently working at one of the top tier law firms in India in their dispute resolution team. Professionally, I find today that the multi-disciplinary approach at the Law School gives one an edge in understanding practical legal problems and coming up with solutions. I am truly grateful to Warwick and the especially to the Law School faculty for the wonderful experience it has afforded me. I can say with conviction that my decision to choose Warwick has held me in good stead as a professional and also as an individual.