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Sunitha Nazar

Sunitha Nazar
LLM in ICGFR 2010-2011

Nationality: Indian

Why Warwick?

The ICGFR LLM gives an intense insight on Corporate Finance and Financial Regulations along with the most upcoming fields of Mergers & Acquisitions and International Arbitration. I chose to opt for this line of Masters as all the modules the course provided were of interest to me, but after completion of the course and my return back to UAE the city of Corporates & Foreign Investors; I assured myself that my decision ‘Warwick’ was right.

Best Bits!

The staff and faculty support I received as an International Student is truly commendable. The accommodation provided by the University is great and from my own personal experience, I would recommend Warwick without hesitation. Residing on Campus is the best option for Masters Students, as the library and research sources are easily accessible regardless of time. As a member of the alumni I will continue to promote Warwick as the best choice for LLM study to those I encounter.

Where are they now?

I started applying for jobs in my home country only after the completion of my course, and received a good response as I had a Masters from UK (a recognised and respected qualification). The feedback and interest from recruiters and employers was truly impressive. I paced myself to make the right decision in terms of my future career.

Right after the graduation ceremony, I was appointed as Commercial & Corporate Lawyer to one of the leading law firms in UAE. Before I could complete a year with the firm, I was offered to join a Government authority as their Corporate Legal Affairs Lawyer in their establishment, which I consider to be a great achievement. I know this is just the beginning and I believe all I have achieved is due to my decision to choose Warwick, a decision I feel was the correct one to make. I am truly grateful to Warwick and my lecturers for making me this able.