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Tynneille Tuitt

Tynneille Tuitt
LLM in ICGFR 2012-2013

Nationality: Trinidad & Tobago
Prize Winner: Best ICGFR Graduating Student 2013

Why Warwick?

Having studied for my LLB at Warwick from 2006 to 2009, I was exposed to the law by friendly and engaging lecturers who made the law come alive for me. I had a first-hand experience of the stellar reputation of Warwick Law School, as a competitive arm that focused on providing quality teaching staff and comprehensively structured courses. I was particularly interested in the International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation course, as it offered a range of modules that centred on corporate law issues on a global scale such as, Corporate Finance, International Banking, Law of Transnational Corporations, Investment Arbitration and many more.

Although the year was challenging, it was undoubtedly satisfying, as the breadth of legal knowledge I was exposed to in such a short time broadened my understanding of the Law in this area. This course also demanded that I be willing to do independent research to supplement the materials offered by the course providers and the library was always well stocked with up-to-date books and relevant papers.

Best Bits!

The best part of studying for an LLM at Warwick was meeting and socialising with people from all around the world in a stimulating environment. Warwick’s International Office and the Student Union arranged various UK trips and social events where I was able to forge great friendships with persons from Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Europe and Nigeria.

Where are they now?

I have been working as an Attorney-at-Law in Trinidad and Tobago specialising in civil litigation, property law and practice, family law and public law matters.