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Vassilios Copetinas

Vassilios Copetinas
LLM in IEL 2014-2015

Nationality: Greek/Belgian

Why Warwick?

Warwick is a reputed institution with the rare combination of amazing industry connection – courtesy of one of the best careers services in the country – and of a deep academic tradition residing in the “law in context” approach the Law School adopts. This results in an impressive tendency to question absolutely everything and to have entrenched beliefs being challenged by the lecturers. The IEL program is also unique and has a strong reputation both in academia and among practitioners.

Best Bits!

The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and professors are approachable and motivated to teach. The campus and all of its infrastructures is amazing and the sports’ facilities are incredible. Warwick has a really particular vibe that one needs to live. The people you will meet – staff, lecturers, and fellow students- will change you forever and will teach you so many things from your classes, to the politics of a small Asian country and the drinking culture of Serbia. The diversity of the activities is impressive, although you will probably end up going to one society and spending the rest of your free time between Curiositea and the Dirty Duck (the coffee shop and the pub); and that’s simply all you could wish for! Last but not least Warwick is a young university striving for the best, you might sign up for the 7th ranked university in the country and five years later have a degree from the 3rd one.

Where are they now?

I recently enrolled at the University of Oxford for a DPhil (PhD) in competition law. I am carrying out my research on competition law in the era of big data. Interestingly, I discovered that subject while at Warwick.