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Zeinab Abdulai-Ayariga

Zeinab Abdulai-Ayariga
LLM in IEL 2012-2013

Nationality: Ghanaian
Awarded the School of Law African Scholarship

Why Warwick?

I studied the LLM in International Economic Law having been awarded a scholarship to cover 50% of my tuition fee. The IEL program is very practical and deals with current issues that confront the legal system of the world economy as a whole. You are challenged in your thinking by the work of the lecturers and your colleagues at seminars. This makes learning interesting and helps in your appreciation of issues since you are able to draw from the experiences and knowledge of your colleagues from other jurisdictions.

I would highly recommend the LLM to anyone who wishes to increase their depth of knowledge on international economic law issues because of the practical nature of the course. It is also very intellectually stimulating and the lecturers are always available to help you anytime you call on them.

Where are they now?

On completion of the course, I returned to my home country to practice law and engage in some consultancy and teaching to help share the wealth of information I acquired at Warwick.