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Completed PhD Students



Title of Thesis


Nneamaka Vanni 2017

How the Eonomic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) can as a regional group, effectively utilize the flexibilities embedded in the Agreement on Trade Related Aspect of Intellectyual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement).

Dwijen Rangnekar / Fiona Smith
Andi Hoxhaj 2017

The EU & Judicial Corruption in Albania, Bulgaria and Romania

Ralf Rogowski
Catherine Ligia Arias Barrera 2016

The structural reform to OTC Derivatives Market

Dalvinder Singh / Jonathan Garton
Mary-Ann Stephenson 2016

To what extent do the pubic sector duties in the Equality Act provide a tool for preventing negative impacts on gender equality & women's human rights threatened by public sector spending cuts?

Ann Stewart
Juliet Horne 2016

Sentencing discounts for guilty pleas are putting pressure on defendants to plead guilty.

Jackie Hodgson

Laurene Soubise 2016

Investigating the independence of Prosecution authorities in France, England and Wales.

Jackie Hodgson

Alison Struthers 2016

A critique of the concept of Human Rights Education and the Effectiveness of its implementation in England and Scotland

Andrew Williams / James Harrison

Bayan Al Shabani 2016

The Role of religion in the crime of terrorism in the Islamic Criminal Law

Shaheen Ali/Prof. Michael Saward (Politics)

Timothy Dodsworth 2015

Comparative Study of Inter-Generational Corporate Responsibility

Hugh Beale

Abby Kendrick 2015

A comparative study of human rights in principle and practice in Latin America

Octavio Ferraz

Michael Keeler 2015

Care of the elderly in England and Wales, past, present and future.

John McEldowney

Virgilio Cambaza 2015

Land Law in the Context of the Development of Minerals in Mozambique: Dynamics, Tensions and Conflicts over Land Access

George Meszaros/Sam Adelman

Yanjie Li 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility

John McEldowney

Pedro Florencio 2015

The Impact of Brazilian Supreme Court Decisions on Public Regulation of the Oil Sector in Brazil

George Meszaros / Kathryn McMahon

Yu Mou 2015

Witnesses are absent - Chinese Hearsay Centralism, The structure of the legal system and social origins

Jackie Hodgson

Rumana Islam 2015

Reconceptualizing the 'Fair and Equitable' Treatment in International Investment Treaties: Developing Countries in context

James Harrison
Sheharyar Hamid 2015

Efficacy of Corporate Governance Theories in determining the Regulstory Framework for Islamic Finance Institutions

Lorraine Talbot

Chuan-Chi Kuo 2015

Multi-Layed Regulation of Phishing Attacks- A Taiwan Case Study

Abdul Paliwala

Joy Malala 2014

The regulation of innovations in the Banking industry. Analysis of mobile banking and mobile payments in Kenya through an examination of MPESA a national payment system

Dalvinder Singh
Ahmad Alkhamees 2014

A Critique of Creative Shari'ah Compliance in the Islamic Finance Industry with Reference to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the UK

Dalvinder Singh
Raza Saeed 2014

Contested Legalities, (De)Coloniality & the State: Understanding the Socio-Legal Tapestry of Pakistan

Jayan Nayar & George Meszaros
Liviu Titus Damsa 2014

Restitution & Property Transformation in Post Communist Central Eastern Europe

Istvan Pogany
Stephanie Lehnert 2014 Comparative analysis of the Implementation of Anti-Race Discrimination Policies in the EU Ralf Rogowski
Joy Ogagi 2014

The Viability of Applying ADR in the Resolution of Oil and Gas Conflicts in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria

Bill O'Brian
Adam Slavny 2014

'Tort From Scratch: The Philosophical Foundations of Harm, Actionability and Corrective Duties'.

Victor Tadros
Kenneth Uzoechi 2014

Corporate Personality, Insider Corporate Fraud and Abuses in Financial Institutions: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and UK laws

Dalvinder Singh
Rajnaara Akhtar 2013

British Muslims and the Evolution of the Practice of Islamic Personal Law with Particular Reference to Dispute Resolution

Shaheen Ali
Joanne Coysh 2013

The Impact of Programs Using Transformative Learning in Human Rights Education

Andrew Williams



Corporate Taxation For a Developing Economy: A Case For Reform in Uganda

David Salter
Zijin Li 2013

Discrimination Based on "Health Status" in China: A Legal Analysis of Discrimination Against Persons with Certain Medical Conditions

Istvan Pogany
Ulf Thoene 2013

Social rights, social policy and enforcement of labour laws: Approaches to the informal employment sector in Latin America

Julio Faundez

Musa Abubakar


Gender Justice a Recurring Decimal in the Islamic Laws of Homicide and Bodily Hurt of Nigeria and Pakistan: A Scholastic Neo-Traditionalist Approach

Shaheen Ali
Naveed Ahmed 2012

The Impacts of Structural Reform Strategies of the International Financial Institutions on the Rule of Law and Good Governance in Pakistan

Abdul Paliwala
Fatima Al Matar 2012

How a New System of Indirect Taxation will Benefit and Flourish the Economy of the State of Kuwait

David Salter
Essa Al-Nassr 2012

Corporate Governance on Government Owned Corporations: A Case Study of Qatar

Lorraine Talbot
Yazin Haddadin 2012

International Commercial Arbitration of Foreign Investments and the Nature of Investment Disputes

Tony Cole/ Bill O'Brian

Rao Raza Hashim 2012

How Does General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) Govern Multilateral Trade in Financial Services?

Julio Faundez/ Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal
Helen Kijo-Bisimba 2012

VULNERABILITY WITHIN THE VULNERABLE: Legal Mechanism for the Protection of Children in Extreme Hardship; A Case of Orphaned-Children Heading Households in Tanzania

Ann Stewart/ Abdul Paliwala

Zahra Maranlou


Legal Citizenship Building for Greater Access to Justice in Islamic Republic of Iran

Shaheen Ali

Aleksandra Musielak


European Union's accession to the European Convention on Human Rights as a viable alternative to building its own system for the production of Human Rights.

Andrew Williams
Thomas Perroud 2012

Comparative Perspective on the Regulatory Process in France and the United Kingdom (A study on Comparative Administrative Law)

John McEldowney

Anna Puthuran 2012

The Indian Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 and its Implications on Intimate Partnerships Outside Wedlock-A Feminist Legal Critique

Ann Stewart

Sharifah Sekalala


A Critical Analysis into whether the United Nations use of soft law in addressing HIV/AIDS issues had redefined the right to health

Andrew Williams/ Octavio Ferraz

Shahbaz Cheema 2011

Problematizing "authenticity" : a critical appraisal of the Jamaat-i-Islami gender discourse

Shaheen Ali

Andrew Cornford 2011

The Criminalisation of Endangerment

Victor Tadros

Monica Kirya 2011

The Role of Commissions of Inquiry in Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Government of Uganda

Abdul Paliwala/ Andrew Williams

Bede Opata 2011

The Law and Policy on Pro-Competition regulation of Communications Law in Nigeria

John McEldowney




Infrastructure Funds for Private Equity

Dalvinder Singh

Tawanda Hondora


Developing Securitization - Enabling Financial Infrastructure in Emerging Market Economies: A Case Study of Zimbabwe

Kern Alexander/ Jorge Guira