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Current PhD students' theses

PhD Student Title of Thesis Supervisor
Adebola, Titilayo Developing Countries, Agricultural Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Protection Fiona Smith
Adu, Hawraz Searching for Transitional Justice in Iraqi Kurdistan: Mechanism, Reform and Institutional Developments Andrew Williams
Almeer, Latifah The harmonization of Private International Law in The Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) in Civil and Commercial Matters Christopher Bisping
Alotaibi, Abdulkarim Arbitration and the development of a system attractive to international commerce: comparing the approaches in England (& Wales), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Shaheen Ali / Bill O'Brian
Arias Barrera, Ligia Catherine The structural reform to OTC Derivatives Market Dal Singh / Jonathan Garton
Azinge, Nkechikwu The role of indigenous savings and loans on terrorist financing in Nigeria: A governance perspective Dalvinder Singh
Bamgbose, Ademola, Towards a Suitable Domestic Arbitration Practice in Nigeria Bill O'Brian
Byrom, Natalie Evidence base for the impact of funding cuts on the ability of individuals to access justice on an equal basis. James Harrison
Chintapanti, Adithya Regulatory Strategy & Constitutional Mandate in Developing Jurisdictions Kathryn McMahon/Abdul Paliwala
Cortes-Nieto, Johanna The Fragility of the Idea of “Poverty” in Colombian Social Policies and Legal Institutions Illan Wall
Eades, Wendy Investigating the Impact of Welfare Reform James Harrison
Harwood, Joanna A father is for life, not just conception'? Child contact, domestic abuse and the legal value placed on the importance of children maintaining contact with both parents. Rebecca Probert
Horne, Juliet Sentencing discounts for guilty pleas are putting pressure on defendants to plead guilty. Jackie Hodgson
Hossain, Sanjeeb Exploring standards of justice at the International Crimes Tribunals of Bangladesh through the prism of
Andrew Williams
Hoxhaj, Andi The EU & Judicial Corruption in Albania, Bulgaria and Romania Ralf Rogowski
Hulme, Benjamin To what extent will the European Union’s Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights affect the current and future implementation of the Common European Asylum System? Dora Kostakopoulou
Imtiaz, Taibah The Role of the Arab League in the Promotion and Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect in Contemporary Arab Conflicts. Dora Kostakopoulou
Jordan, James “Don’t shoot the messenger” – Whistleblowing in Corporate Britain: An assessment of the adequacy of the legal framework from a company and whistleblower perspective. Andreas Kokkinis / Dalvinder Singh
Kaur, Sat The ICC - A Failed Experiment? An Examination of the Future of the International Criminal Court Andrew Williams
Kazmi, Arjumand Bano Making or Unmaking of democratic constitution in Pakstan: role and strategies of USAID funded civil society organisations Shaheen Ali
Khan, Ahmed A Philosophical Scope of Sovereign Guarantees and their adequacy to Promote Investment through Project Finance via PPP Structure in Pakistan’s Energy Sector Dalvinder Singh
Kilic, Neriman Comparative analysis of the jurisdictions of International Investment Arbitration with WTO Adjudication and International Commercial Arbitration’ Bill O'Brian
Kunuji, Oluwole Resource Control & Fiscal federalism as agents of change in Nigeria Dora Kostakopoulou
Lander, Jennifer Mining in Mongolia: The Law and Politics of an Extractive Development Strategy George Meszaros
Livings, Ben Concepts and contexts: sport violence and the socio-cultural contingency of the criminal law Alan Norrie
Madise, Sunduzwayo Regulating Transfer Pricing in Malawi Dal Singh /Abdul Paliwala
Matoke-Njagi, Angel The Enforcement and Preventative Force of Hate Speech Regulation Illan Wall
Mecklenburg-Guzman, Christian EU Derivatives Regulation: A Behavioural & Standard Law and Economics Approach to the Regulation of financial Derivatives Dal Singh
Mohd Hamdan, Norahimah Fitri Aviation Laws: Legal Analysis on Competition Laws in the Aviation Sector Kathryn McMahon
Motsi Omoijiade, Immaculate Regulation of sui generis Financial Innovation: An Open Source Regulatory Model for the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin - the lacuna where Law, Technology and Finance meet Dalvinder Singh
Okezie, Obumneme Examining the challenges of protection of consumers in online transactions in Nigeria and proposing the wat forward: Essentials for suitable legal framework Hugh Beale/Christopher Bisping
Park, Kyungeun National security exceptions as an attempt to strike a balance in International Investment Agreements Dora Kostakopoulou
Pimm-Smith, Rachel How does the twenty-six week time limit on child-care proceedings affect outcomes, delay times and finances within the family justice system? Rebecca Probert/Maebh Harding
Pountney, Emma Taking sexual violence too seriously? The ICTY and the ICTR and the prosecution of sexual violence Andrew Williams
Ramdewor, Sharda The impact of body worn video (BWV) on stop and search Roger Leng / Jackie Hodgson
Sengul, Irem Mass Refugee Influx, Temporary Protection and State Sovereignty: Questioning the role of UNHCR and NGOs in the case of temporary protection of Syrians in Turkey Dallal Stevens
Stephenson, Mary Ann To what extent do the public sector duties in the Equality Act provide a tool for preventing negative impacts on gender equality & women's human rights threatened by public sector spending cuts? Ann Stewart
Thorpe, Simon Social Movements, Non-State Constitutionalism, and the Institutional Paradox of Prefigurative Democracy: A Genealogy of the Constitution of Becoming Illan Wall
Vanni, Nneamaka How the Eonomic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) can as a regional group, effectively utilize the flexibilities embedded in the Agreement on Trade Related Aspect of Intellectyual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) Fiona Smith
Warner, Sara A Comparative Analysis of the Competition Regulation of the Market for Premium Content in the UK and Australia Kathryn McMahon
Williams, Hugh Should child soldiers be prosecuted and punished for international crimes? Andrew Williams
Wronka, Christoph The relevance of Industry Self-Regulation in Light of the Principles of Proportionality and Subsidiarity with a View to European Law Stephen Connelly / Dalvinder Singh
Xu, Sixiao Institutional Shareholder Activism: The Future Approach Andreas Kokkinis / Dalvinder Singh