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  • Lustration (administrative justice) and closure in post-communist East Central Europemore, International Journal of Public Law and Policy , 1(4), 335 - 375.

    Selected publications (in Romanian):

    Editorial. Positive Law or Natural Law? An introduction of several themes of reflection for the contemporary Romanian jurists, derived from the work of Constantin Hamangiu, Pandectele Romane (Wolters Kluwer), no 3/2013 (Romanian)

    On Legal Writing, part 1, professional and legislative drafting, Romanian Review of Business Law, no 2/2012, pp 66-79 (Romanian)Public Acquisitions. A selection of recent Appellate Courts cases, with comments and an introduction, Romanian Review of Business Law (Wolters Kluwer), no 1/2012, pp 117-156

    Translation A primer on Swiss Patological Clauses in Arbitral Matters, comments on the Swiss Supreme Court decision in Case 4A_246/2011,7 November 2011, by Matthias Scherer and Sam Moss, with a translator note and bibliographical references, Romanian Review of Business Law (Wolters Kluwer), no 2/2012, pp 155-58

    Translation EC case law Comments. Case Infopaq II. C-302/10-Johan Axhamn, with a translator note, and bibliographical references, Pandectele Romane (Wolters Kluwer), Nr.2/2012, pp 173-181

    Book chapter. The Concept of Moral and Legal Persons in the American Law & The American Judicial Contributions to the Moral and Legal Persons Doctrine, in Lessons of comparative law, vol. III- Institutions of Private comparative Law. The Persons. The University of Iasi Axis Foundation Press, March 2009. (Prof) Valerius M Ciuca(ed), Liviu Damsa, Gheorghe Durac, Tom Rawlings, Carmen Tamara Ungureanu, Augustin Varnav, Mihaela Varnav, authors.

    We are all legal realist now? An introduction to the necessity of critical analysis of judicial decisions in the Romanian civil law system. Paper delivered to the Sojust (Romanian Society for Justice) seminar on the judicial decisions in Romania, Bucharest, July 2008.

    Book chapter. A model of analysis of the Constitutional Court’s decisions, in Valerius M. Ciuca ,Codrin Macovei, Septmiu Panaite (eds) Scoala Dreptului Organic, vol 1, Ed. Junimea, Iasi, 2007, pp 371-409

    Book chapter. American Courts. Jurisdictions and Procedures in: Lessons of comparative law, vol. II-Judicial power, Jurisdictions and Procedure in Comparative Perspective, Ed. Axis, Iasi, 2006, 355 pag. (Prof.) Valerius Ciuca, Romanian Judge to the European Court of First Instance, (ed) Liviu Damsa, Gheorghe Durac, Tom Rawlings, Dan Stoica, Mihaela Varnav, authors).

    Translation of Tom Ginsburg’s “Economic Analysis and the Design of Constitutional Courts", Vol. 3, Theoretical Inquiries in Law(original), Studia, the Law review of the Cluj University, Vol 2, 2004