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  • ''Access to Justice: What Do Iranian Women Think About Their Law and Legal System?‟ (Currently under review)
  • ''Dispute Resolution Mechanisms,‟ in Islamic Law and the Muslim Diaspora: A Teaching Manual, with particular focus on the United Kingdom, UKCLE, Warwick Law School, May 2009, available at
  • ''Legal Obstacles of Women's Social Participation,‟ in National Research Project on Women‟s Participations, Women‟s Researchers Study Center, Tehran University, winter 2003
  • ''Rights and Obligations of NGOs in Islamic Republic of Iran,‟ in Guidebook for NGOs, Center for Women Partnership Affairs (Presidential Office), Tehran, 2003
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  • ''Legal Status of Non-Profit Organizations'', Iranian Industrial Confederation, 2004
  • Over 100 articles in Iranian newspapers, 1996 to 2009
  • Over 20 interviews & news comments with International Radio France, Radio Liberty BBC Persian 2002- 2010 about human rights, women rights and development

Selected Professional Presentations

  • November 2011: Access to Justice from Islamic Perspectives, presentation at the Beyond Apology and Utopia workshop titled „ Towards Just Societies in the Middle East‟, funded by Canada Social Science and Humanities Research Council at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Canada.
  • September 2009: Islamic Conception of Access to Justice, presentation at the international conference titled „Re-Imagining the Shari'a: Theory, Practice and Muslim Pluralism at Play‟, organized by the Warwick Law School and the Centre for European Islamic Thought, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, Venice, Italy
  • December 2008: Legal Citizenship Building; Key Policy for Greater Access to Justice for Women in Islamic Republic of Iran, presentation at the 5th worldwide conference of the Global Alliance
  • 5
  • for Justice Education, Manila, Philippines
  • September 2008: Right to Development an Origin for Right to Association, presentation at the interdisciplinary PhD Workshop on globalization and development, University of Warwick, UK
  • August 2006: Access to Justice, presentation to Committee of Social Justice of the Strategic Researches Center (the Expediency Discernment Council), Tehran, Iran
  • February 2005: Women’s Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a presentation to the human rights school organized by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Warsaw, Poland
  • September 2005: Iran - Youth and Women’s Rights, a presentation at the human rights student initiative (HRSI), organized by the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
  • December 2004: Participatory Sustainable Development, a presentation at the biennial conference of the Community of Iranian Environmental Experts, Tehran
  • April 2004: Participatory Development, a presentation at the first national forum on the millennium development goals in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran
  • August 2003: Human Rights of Women and Social Participation, a presentation at the regional conference of women‟s rights organized by Iranian Ministry of Interior, Ahvaz, Iran
  • March 2002: Best Practice of Iranian Women’s NGOs, a presentation at the Iranian NGOs Panel at the United Nation High Commission for Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland
  • June 1999: Law Reform of Iranian NGOs, a presentation at the first International Conference on Non- Governmental Organizations in the Islamic Republic of Iran, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior, Tehran, Iran

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