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The conferences I've attended and presented during my PhD:

  • November 2011: Access to Justice from Islamic Perspectives, presentation at the Beyond Apology and Utopia workshop titled „ Towards Just Societies in the Middle East‟, funded by Canada Social Science and Humanities Research Council at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Canada.
  • September 2009: Islamic Conception of Access to Justice, presentation at the international conference titled ‘Re-Imagining the Shari'a: Theory, Practice and Muslim Pluralism at Play’, organized by the Warwick Law School and the Centre for European Islamic Thought, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, Venice, Italy.
  • December 2008: Legal Citizenship Building; Key Policy for Greater Access to Justice for Women in Islamic Republic of Iran, presentation at the 5th worldwide conference of the Global Alliance for Justice Education, Manila, Philippines.
  • September 2008: Right to Development; Origin for Right to Association, presentation at the interdisciplinary PhD Workshop on globalization and development, University of Warwick, UK.
  • April 2008: Clinical Legal Education Teaching Methods, presentation to the international training workshop about International and Comparative Models of Clinical Legal Education organized by the Protection Project at the Johns Hopkins University, Istanbul , Turkey.