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Agnes Meroka


Agnes K. Meroka, LL.B (Nbi), LL.M (Warwick).

3rd Year PhD Candidate and Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholar

Sessional Teacher, Sociology of Developing Societies.



University of Warwick,

School of Law,



About my research

The title of my thesis is “Land, Ethnicity and Gender in Kenya,” and my research is contextualised within Kenya's land rights system, which is largely shaped by the country's colonial history and by ethnic politics. This research explores and analyses the gender dimensions of the politics of land in Kenya. Using the Maasai, the Kisii and the Kamba communities as case studies, I use comparative analyses of the experiences of women from each of these communities to investigate the extent to which women's unequal land rights are produced and reproduced by intersections of gender and ethnicity. I use intersectionality as developed within feminist scholarship as my principal analytical approach and part of my research involves interrogating the extent to which theories of intersectionality may be usefully applied in the study of post-colonial developing societies. I carried out extended field work on this project between 2010-2011, which involved the ethnographic study of women from each of the communities studied and I am currently writing up my thesis.

I am privileged to have Ann Stewart as my lead supervisor and George Meszaros as my second supervisor.



LL.B, University of Nairobi 2005 and Kaplan and Stratton Prize for best graduating student.

LL.M, University of Warwick, 2008 and Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Award Holder.

Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, 2007


Research Interests

Law in Development

Gender and Law, with a particular focus on property rights, sexuality and political participation

Human Rights Law

Socio-Legal Studies




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Agnes Meroka

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