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Adam Slavny



Assistant Professor


School of Law
University of Warwick

Research Interests

Adam's primary area of research is the normative theory of tort law. His recent work has sought to make progress on a number of problems in normative tort theory, including developing a theory of harm, understanding various forms of corrective action, exploring the moral basis of liability to compensate for harm, and examining the relationship between corrective duties and debates in political philosophy. He also maintains a general interest in moral, political and legal theory.


Adam holds an LLB from the University of Warwick and and MA in Philosophy from the University of London. He has recently completed his PhD in the philosophy of tort law at Warwick.


  • Slavny, Adam, 2015. Alon Harel on how to deliberate permissibly. Criminal Law and Philosophy, View
  • Slavny, Adam, 2014. How eventful is the event-based theory of harm?. The Journal of Value Inquiry, Volume 48 (Number 3), pp. 559-571, View
  • Slavny, Adam, 2014. Nonreciprocity and the moral basis of liability to compensate. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Volume 34 (Number 3), pp. 417-442, View
  • Slavny, Adam, 2014. Negating and counterbalancing : a fundamental distinction in the concept of a corrective duty. Law and Philosophy, Volume 33 (Number 2), pp. 143-173, View

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