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Alan C. Neal





School of Law
University of Warwick
Tel: (44) 024 7652 3205

Research Interests

Professor Neal is a specialist on European, International & Comparative Employment Law. He has served on expert committees for the Social Affairs Directorate of the European Commission for over 30 years, and acts as an Independent Expert for the International Labour Organisation. Professor Neal advises national governments in the field of employment law and social policy, and is actively involved in the provision of specialised judicial training, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Between 2003 and 2006 he headed a joint project between the United Kingdom FCO and the Chinese Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MOLSS), establishing a Labour Arbitration Court for China. He was one of the two independent experts advising the Chinese Labour Ministry on preparation of a Labour Contracts Law for the PRC, as well as acting as an independent international expert in relation to the PRC's Labour Disputes Arbitration Law.

Professor Neal completed studies for the ILO on "Vulnerable Workers" (Geneva 1985); for the European Commission, on "Les regles du jeu: Industrial Relations in Four Community Countries - Similarities and Uncertainties as Regards the Rules Governing Them" (Brussels 1986); for the European Commission on "Termination of employment relationships: legal situation in the Member States of the European Union" (Luxembourg 1997); on "The Evolution of Labour Law" for DG Employment of the European Commission (Luxembourg 2004), and undertook work for the United Kingdom Health & Safety Executive on the impact of 2003 statutory changes to the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, on the sanction of disqualification for company directors guilty of health and safety offences, and on transposition of European Union health and safety Directives into United Kingdom law. His recent reports on China include "China's future labor market and the impact of new (globally inspired) labor laws" (Adecco Institute White Paper 3, Zurich 2007) and reports for the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Labour Law and Social Security Law Institute, Peking University.


Professor Neal's books include Industrial Democracy: The Implications of the Bullock Report (Leicester University Press 1977); Law and the Weaker Party: An Anglo-Swedish Comparative Study (5 vols, Butterworths 1981-1992); (with Folke Schmidt) Collective Agreements and Collective Bargaining (Martinus Nijhoff 1984, republished 2014); Arbejdsretlig terminologi: Dansk-Engelsk (Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening 1984); How to Study Law (8 editions, Sweet & Maxwell 1986-2017); A Perspective on Labour Law (Sweet & Maxwell 1982); (with W.E.Butler & B.A.Hepple) Comparative Labour Law: Anglo-Soviet Perspectives (Gower 1987); The European Communities' Health and Safety Legislation (Chapman & Hall 1992); Developing the Social Dimension in an Enlarged European Union (Scandinavian University Press 1995); Fundamental Social Rights at Work in the European Community (Dartmouth-Ashgate 1999); European Social Policy and the Nordic Countries (Dartmouth-Ashgate 2000); the 2-volume set: European Labour Law and Social Policy. Volume I, Social Dialogue, Industrial Relations and Labour Law, Volume II, Dignity, Equality and Security at Work (2nd edition, Kluwer 2002); The Changing Face of European Labour Law and Social Policy (Kluwer 2004); (with Linda Dickens) The Changing Institutional Face of British Employment Relations (Kluwer 2006); and Cross-Currents in Modern Chinese Labour Law (Kluwer 2014).


Alan Christopher Neal, LL.B. (Warwick), LL.M. (London School of Economics), DGLS (Stockholm), Barrister (Gray's Inn), is Professor of Law and Director of the Employment Law Research Unit. He is a lifetime Professor in the Zhejiang University (PRC), and Visiting Professor in the Beijing Jiao Tong University (PRC), as well as in the University of Paris II (Pantheon). In 2012 Professor Neal was appointed a Standing High-Level Independent Expert in the Labour Law and Social Security Law Institute of Peking University, PRC. Formerly, he was Professor of Law in the University of Leicester (1988-2000). He has been Visiting Professor in the University of Paris I (Sorbonne), the University of Salford, and in the University of Trento. During the academic year 2016/2017 Professor Neal held the Paul van der Heijden Chair of Social Justice in the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.

Called to the Bar of Gray's Inn in 1975, Professor Neal is a practising barrister with Cloisters (1 Pump Court, Temple) and with 2 New Street Chambers (Midland & Oxford Circuit, Leicester). He holds judicial office (since 1995) as a part-time Employment Judge (London Central), and has been Convenor of the European Association of Labour Court Judges since 1996. He is a member of the ILO's group of senior labour judges.

Professor Neal was the founding editor and is now Scientific Director of the "International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations", having been its Editor-in-Chief between 1984-1995. He sits on the editorial boards of numerous international and comparative journals, and is the General Editor of the monograph series "Studies in Employment and Social Policy" (published by Kluwer Law International).

Research Projects

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  • Neal, Alan C., 2015. Endangered species or Renaissance child?. European Labour Law Journal, 6 (2), pp. 152-174, View
Books and Chapters
  • Bradney, A., Cownie, F., Masson, J., Neal, Alan C., Newell, D., 2017. How to study law (8th edition): London, Sweet & Maxwell, View
  • Neal, Alan C., 2017. Collective dismissals in the United Kingdom. In: Cosio, R.; Curcuruto, F.; di Cerbo, V.; Mammone, G.; (ed.), Collective dismissal in the European Union : a comparative analysis, Alphen aan den Rijn, Wolters Kluwer, pp. 485-519, View
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  • Neal, Alan C., 2016. Accommodating 'reasonable accommodation': encouraging liability evasion over employment integration?. In: Blanpain, R.; Hendrickx, F.; (ed.), Reasonable accommodation in the modern workplace : potential and limits of the integrative logics of labour law, Alphen aan den Rijn, Wolters Kluwer, pp. 73-88, View
  • Neal, Alan C., 2017. ILO Committee on Freedom of Association : Complaint Against the Government of China Presented by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Case No. 3184, Interim Report – Report No. 380, 23 November – 10 December 2016. International Labor Rights Case Law, Brill, pp. 151-157, Journal Item, View

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • "Labour Laws and Hukou Inequality in the Peoples Republic of China" : Date of Completion: 2010
  • "Developing Labour Law in Ethiopia" : Date of Completion: 2014

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