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Ana Aliverti



Associate Professor


School of Law
University of Warwick
Tel: +44(0)24765 28398

Research Interests

Ana's research work looks at the intersections between criminal law and criminal justice, on the one hand, and border regimes, on the other, and explores the impact of such intertwining on the national criminal justice institutions and on those subject to the resulting set of controls. She is also interested in post-colonial theory and the sociology of race, criminal law theory, human rights law, and criminology. Her book, 'Crimes of Mobility' (Routledge, 2013), was co-awarded the British Society of Criminology Best Book Prize for 2014. Her research has been funded by the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, and the Warwick Impact Fund. She has been granted a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Grant to conduct the project entitled 'Foreign nationals before the criminal courts: immigration status, deportability and punishment' (2014-2016) and the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (BARSEA) to organise two high-profile international symposiums on criminal justice and migration (2015-2017). She recently secured funding to conduct a project on immigration-police cooperation in the West Midlands region, UK (2017). Ana has been awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize in Law (2017).


Ana joined Warwick in August 2013 as an Assistant Professor. In 2016, she was appointed as an Associate Professor. She holds a D.Phil. in Law (Oxford, 2012), an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Distinction, Oxford, 2008), an MA in Sociology of Law (IISL, 2005) and a BA in Law (Honours, Buenos Aires, 2002). Before joining Warwick, she worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford, and as Stipendiary Lecturer in Criminal Law at Wadham College, Oxford, having previously taught criminal law and criminology courses at Oxford and Buenos Aires. She practised international human rights law as staff attorney at the Center for Justice and International Law in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Washington DC, US. Ana is also the Associate Director of Border Criminologies and Research Associate at the Centre for Criminology, Oxford. She serves in the editorial boards of Theoretical Criminology and the Howard Journal of Crime and Justice.

Research Projects

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  • Aliverti, Ana, Bosworth, M., 2017. Introduction to the special issue on criminal justice adjudication in the age of migration. New Criminal Law Review, 20 (1), pp. 1-11, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, Seoighe, Rachel, 2017. Lost in translation? Examining the role of court interpreters in cases involving foreign national defendants in England and Wales. New Criminal Law Review, 20 (1), pp. 130-156, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2015. The wrongs of unlawful immigration. Criminal Law and Philosophy, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2015. Enlisting the public in the policing of immigration. British Journal of Criminology, Volume 55 (Number 2), pp. 215-230, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2012. Making people criminal : the role of the criminal law in immigration enforcement. Theoretical Criminology, Volume 16 (Number 4), pp. 417-434, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2012. Exploring the function of criminal law in the policing of foreigners : the decision to prosecute immigration-related offences. Social & Legal Studies, Volume 21 (Number 4), pp. 511-527, View
Books and Chapters
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2017. Strangers in our midst : the construction of difference through cultural appeals in criminal justice litigation. In: Bosworth, M.; Parmar, A.; Vazquez, Y.; (ed.), Race, Migration and Criminal Justice, Oxford, Oxford University Press, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2017. Spotting foreigners inside the courtroom : race, crime and the construction of foreignness. In: Fili, A.; Powell, R.; Mohn, S.; (ed.), Reflexive accounts of research in an era of mass mobility, Abingdon, Routledge, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2016. Austerity and justice in an age of mass migration. In: Flynn, A.; Hodgson, J.; (ed.), Access to justice and legal aid : comparative perspectives on unmet legal need, Oxford, Hart, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2016. Researching the global criminal court. In: Bosworth, M.; Hoyle, C.; Zedner, L.; (ed.), Changing Contours of Criminal Justice, Oxford, Clarendon, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2015. Doing away with decency? Foreigners, punishment and the liberal state. In: Eriksson, Anna; (ed.), Punishing the other : the social production of immorality revisited, Abingdon, Routledge, View
  • Aliverti, Ana, 2013. Crimes of mobility : criminal law and the regulation of immigration: Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge, View

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