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Giuliano Castellano



Assistant Professor


School of Law
University of Warwick
Tel: 024 76150890

Research Interests

Giuliano's research interests and publications relate to: financial regulation, systemic risk (financial and non-financial), comparative law and finance, and secured transactions law reforms.


Giuliano holds a Law Degree from Bocconi University (Milan), a PhD in 'Comparative Analysis of Law, Economics and Institutions' (University of Turin, Collegio Carlo Alberto, CLEI Centre), and a PhD in 'Economics and Social Sciences' from the Ecole polytechnique. He is a Research Associate at the Ecole polytechnique (i3-CRG, CNRS, Paris-Saclay) and, since 2011, he serves as a Legal Expert for the Italian delegation at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Working Group VI (security interests). Before joining Warwick Law School Giuliano was a Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Law Department (Law and Financial Markets Project). Prior to that he was a Researcher and an Adjunct Professor at Bocconi University, School of Law. Since 2016 Giuliano is a Fellow at the Higher Education Academy. He has been holding various visiting positions, including: Chicago-Kent College of Law, U.S. (Visiting Professor); Center for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford (Visiting Scholar); UNCITRAL (Visiting Scholar); University of Auvergne, France (Visiting Professor); University of Turin (Visiting Lecturer); IUSS School for Advanced Studies of Pavia, Italy; and the Moscow Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation (Visiting Professor).


  • Castellano, Giuliano G., Helleringer, Genevià¨ve, 2017. Shedding light on EU financial regulators : a sociological and psychological perspective. Hastings International and Comparative Law Journal, 40 (1), pp. 69-121, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., Dubovec, Marek, 2017. Credit creation : reconciling legal and regulatory incentives. Law and Contemporary Problems, 81 (1), View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2016. The new Italian law for non-possessory pledges : a critical assessment. Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, 31 (9), pp. 542-544, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2015. Reforming non-possessory secured transactions laws : a new strategy?. The Modern Law Review, 78 (4), pp. 611-640, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2012. Towards a general framework for a common definition of “securities” : financial markets regulation in multilingual contexts. Uniform Law Review, Volume 17 (Number 3), pp. 449-481, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., Jeunemaà®tre, Alain, Lange, Bettina, 2012. Reforming European union financial regulation : thinking through governance models. European Business Law Review, 23 (3), pp. 409-446, View
  • Monti, A., Castellano, Giuliano G., 2012. Multilingualism in financial markets governance : the role of language in the process of international regulatory convergence. Uniform Law Review, 17 (3), pp. 403-406, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2010. Governing ignorance : emerging catastrophic risks—industry responses and policy frictions. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues and Practice, Volume 35 (Number 3), pp. 391-415, View
Books and Chapters
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2017. Reverse engineering the law : reforming secured transactions in Italy. In: Bazinas, Spiros V.; Akseli, Orkun; (ed.), International and Comparative Secured Transactions Law, Portland, Oregon, Hart Publishing Ltd., View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2011. Rising from the ashes : a governance perspective on emerging systemic risks. In: Alemanno, Alberto; (ed.), Governing disasters : the challenges of emergency risk regulation, Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar, pp. 246-262, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., Dubovec, Marek, 2017. Coordinating secured transactions law and capital requirements. UNCITRAL Congress, 50th Anniversary: Modernizing International Trade Law to Support Innovation and Sustainable Development, Vienna, Austria, 04-06 Jul 2017, Published in Modernizing International Trade Law to Support Innovation and Sustainable Development, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G., 2017. Secured transactions law and capital requirements : enhancing access to credit and financial stability. UNCITRAL Fourth International Colloquium on Secured Transactions, Vienna, Austria, 15-17 Mar 2017, Published in UNCITRAL Fourth International Colloquium on Secured Transactions, View
  • Castellano, Giuliano G. Review of Secured Transactions Law Reform - Principles, Policies and Practice edited by Gullifer, L. and Akseli, O.. Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation, Sweet & Maxwell, pp. 169-172, Book Review, View

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Recent Works

Credit Creation: Reconciling Legal and Regulatory Incentives
Law and Contemporary Problems (2018) (with Dubovec)

Shedding Light on EU Financial Regulators: A Sociological and Psychological Perspective Hastings International and Comparative Law Review (2017) (with Helleringer)

Public Engagement

'Coordinating Secured Transactions Law and Capital Requirements' (with M. Dubovec) UNCITRAL 50th Anniversary Congress Modernizing International Trade Law to Support Innovation and Sustainable Development (4-6 July 2017, 2017)

'Secured Transactions Law and Capital Requirements
Enhancing Access to Credit and Financial Stability' UNCITRAL Fourth International Colloquium on Secured Transactions (15-17 March 2017, Vienna)

TEDxWarwick Talk: Systemic Risk: On Finance, Earthquakes And Other Disasters (27 October 2016)

Featured in FT Adviser: 'Only laws and political will can stop a rerun of 2008' (10 August 2016)

Public Event: Reforming the City through, by or in spite of Law? Exploring Legal and Anthropological Perspectives on Banking and Finance (City Law School, 25 February 2016)

Recent Blog-post

'How EU Financial Regulators Think in Time of Brexit' Oxford Business Law Blog (23 March 2017)

'The New Italian Law for Non-possessory Pledge: Villain or Hero?' Oxford Business Law Blog (11 July 2016)

'One Registry to Rule ‘Them’ All' The Secured Lender (10 February 2016)

Recent Interviews

Estrategia, Chile (in Spanish) 28 October 2014