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Henrique Carvalho



Assistant Professor


School of Law
University of Warwick
Tel: +44(0)24 765 74724

Research Interests

Henrique's research primarily explores the links between criminal law, punishment, subjectivity, intersubjectivity and society. His work looks at how aspects of and developments in criminal law and justice both reflect and condition matters of socio-political identity and organisation. His broader research interests include criminology, criminal law and criminal justice, responsibility and punishment, and legal, social and political theory.

More specifically, Henrique's current research primarily develops across two strands.

The first comprises a theoretical investigation of the philosophical and sociological foundations behind the rise of preventive and security measures in contemporary criminal law and justice. Its main argument is that the insecurity grounding the preventive turn has its origins in an ambivalence inherent in the conceptual and normative framework of liberal society itself, particularly with regards to notions of individual autonomy and freedom.

The second is a collaborative research project that examines the urge to punish in contemporary societies, using an interdisciplinary perspective to deconstruct the concept of punitiveness in order to better understand the social and subjective dimensions of punishment. The aim of this research is to challenge the rationale behind normative justifications for punishment, and to propose a holistic and trans-disciplinary theory of the role of punishment in contemporary societies, grounded on the concept of hostile solidarity.

Henrique is an editor for the Journal of Critical Realism, and is book reviews co-editor and an editorial board member of Social & Legal Studies.

Henrique welcomes proposals from students for supervising research in the following areas: criminal responsibility and its relation to identity and subjectivity; the philosophy and/or the sociology of punishment; prevention and insecurity in criminal law and justice; the interplay between individual autonomy and political authority; and the role of dangerousness in criminal law and criminal responsibility.


Henrique joined the University of Warwick as an Assistant Professor in September 2015. He holds a PhD in Law (King's College London, 2013), an LLM in Legal Theory (Distinction, King's College London, 2009), a Specialism in Procedural Law and Legal Reasoning (UFPE, Brazil, 2007), and a BA in Law (Honours, UNICAP, Brazil, 2006).

Prior to coming to Warwick, Henrique was a Lecturer in Law at City University London, and a Visiting Lecturer at King's College London, having previously taught criminal law, public law, law and social theory and jurisprudence at King's College London, and criminal law at the LSE.

Research Projects

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Books and Chapters
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