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Fri, Nov 24, '17
9am - 6pm
ESRAN-UKI Workshop
Wolfson Exchange, University of Warwick

The next ESRAN-UKI workshop will be hosted on Friday 24 November 2017 by James Harrison and Sharifah Sekalala at the University of Warwick (which is a 15 minute taxi journey from Coventry Station).

As with the previous events, the aim is to enable participants to get feedback on works in progress, whether articles, book chapters or draft book proposals, etc. At past events, there has been papers that were at the near-publication stage or at a much earlier stage of development. In terms of process, like the earlier research workshops, all participants will prepare papers in advance. These papers will be circulated prior to the event so as to enable all participants to read them beforehand.

The deadline for abstracts is Friday 13 October 2017, with full copies of papers submitted by Friday 10 November 2017. That will provide enough time to collate the papers and to enable everyone to read them prior to the workshop. Abstracts should be sent to

Two books from two members of the network will also be launched as part of this event: Soft Law and Global Health Problems: Lessons from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis by Sharifah Sekalala (University of Warwick) and Contesting World Order? Socioeconomic Rights and Global Justice Movements by Joe Wills (University of Leicester).

As with all other research workshops, if you do not want to present but would be keen on participating in the workshop, you would be very welcome.