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  • Bisping, Christopher. 2013. The Common European Sales Law, consumer protection and overriding mandatory provisions in private international law. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Volume 62 (Number 2), pp. 469-483, View
  • Bisping, Christopher. 2012. Conquering the legal world : the use of English in foreign courts. European Review of Private Law, Vol.20 (No.2), pp. 541-570, View
  • Bisping, Christopher. 2012. Avoid the statutist trap : the international scope of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Journal of Private International Law, Vol.8 (No.1), pp. 35-62, View
  • Bisping, Christopher. 2011. The case against Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 in credit card transactions. Journal of Business Law (No.5), pp. 457-474, View

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