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WCF Dialogue: James Brassett and John Morris on 'Resilience'

The Warwick Critical Finance group has invited John Morris (Faculty Research Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University) and James Brassett (Warwick's PAIS Department) to speak about their research on resilience.

The post-crisis period has seen a growing emphasis on nurturing complex adaptive (financial) networks that have the ability to ‘bounce back’ in stressful situations. What are the political consequences of this impetus? A re-invention of neo-liberalism in disciplinary terms or a proliferation of alternatives to market-centrism? Or something else?

Against this backdrop, John Morris and James Brassett will discuss the (cultural) production of resilient financial systems and market subjects. The session will be chaired by Marco Andreu (Warwick's PAIS Department).

  • Date and time: 8th November 2017, 4.30 — 6.00 pm
  • Room: OC0.04 (Oculus Building)

Link to the WCF Dialogue event poster: