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Work in progress

  • Why and How UN Peacekeeping Composition Matters, with Andrea Ruggeri (under contract with Oxford University Press)
  • Terrorist Violence and Nonviolent Military Involvement in Politics, with Mauricio Rivera and Chiara Ruffa (R&R, International Studies Quarterly)
  • Genetic Distance, Trade, and the Diffusion of Development, with Gunes Gokmen (R&R, Journal of Applied Econometrics)
  • Peacekeeping Effectiveness and Blue Helmets’ Distance from Locals, with Andrea Ruggeri (R&R, Journal of Conflict Resolution)
  • Global arms trade and oil dependence, with Claudio Deiana and Roberto Nisticò (R&R, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization)
  • Does culture have a substantive influence on trade?, with Gunes Gokmen
  • School Infrastructure Spending and Educational Outcomes in Northern Italy, with Alessandro Belmonte, Giovanna D’Inverno and Marco Modica
  • Non-State Actor Violence: Refugees and State Capacity, with Tobias Böhmelt and Kristian Gleditsch
  • How Migration Policies Moderate the Diffusion of Terrorism, with Tobias Böhmelt, CAGE working paper number: 349


The post-print versions of my articles are available on ResearchGate

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