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Clare Heyward

Clare Jeyward profile

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

J dot C dot Heyward at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 24257

Room: E1.25

Clare is interested in issues of global distributive justice and intergenerational justice, especially those connected to climate change. Her papers can be accessed here. Before joining the University of Warwick, she was James Martin Research Fellow on the Oxford Geoengineering Programme.


Clare Heyward is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, working on the project Global Justice and Geoengineering.

Project Abstract:

Despite the fact that it is proposed as potential response to anthropogenic climate change, discussions of geoengineering are rarely linked to the literature on climate justice. This project will examine how arguments for the development of geoengineering technologies might change when considerations of global distributive justice are foregrounded. Conversely, it will also consider whether geoengineering raises any distinctive challenges for accounts of climate justice. A subsidiary aim will be to demonstrate the value of disaggregating the concept of geoengineering, that is to take into account the particular features and problems of particular technologies when considering their potential to be included in portfolio of responses to global climate change.

Research Outputs

With Dominic Roser, Clare is co-editor of the book Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World, published by Oxford University Press. It is available for pre-order here:

Clare is also writing a monograph The Cultural Dimension on Climate Justice, under contract with Edward Elgar.

Selected Publications:

Most Recent:

Heyward, Clare (2016) ‘Adaptation’, in Allan Thompson and Stephen Gardiner (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics, Oxford University Press.

Heyward, Clare and Steve Rayner (2016) ‘Apocalypse Nicked!’ forthcoming in Susan Crate (ed) Anthropology and Climate Change (2nd edition), Left Coast Press.

Heyward, Clare (2015) ‘Is There Anything New Under the Sun? Novelty and Exceptionalist Claims in Early Geoengineering Rhetoric’, in Aaron Maltais and Catriona Mackinnon (eds) Climate Change and Global Governance, Routledge, pp. 135-154.

Heyward, Clare, and Steve Rayner (2015) ‘A Curious Asymmetry: Social Science Expertise and Geoengineering’, in Michael Heazle, John Kane and Haig Patapan (eds) Who Makes Policy? Knowledge and Action in Today's Democracies, Routledge.

For other publications, see here.


Clare co-teaches the module PH338 Principles of Political Economy, which runs in the Autumn Term.

Her Advice and Feedback hours are: 9:30-10:30 Tuesdays and 1:30-2:30 Wednesdays.