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MA in US Foreign Policy

As a leading global power, the United States and its foreign affairs have a significant impact upon international relations, both in terms of policy and academic scholarship.

This significance has grown in the years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent “war on terror” in ways that have been reflected in the development of the academic literature and in the increased level of interest in the subject area. With a high concentration of US Foreign Policy experts among PAIS academics, the department is in a unique position to bring cutting-edge, in-depth knowledge and discussion to postgraduate study in this field.

Programme content

This programme focuses on US foreign policy in the context of national security as well as wider aspects of the country’s foreign policy and its impact in the areas of the economy, international relations, and particularly security. Some of the questions you will tackle include:

  • What are the main sources of US foreign policy making?
  • What is the balance between power and principle in US foreign policy?
  • How important is domestic politics in the making of US foreign policy?
  • What are the main threats to US national security and how are they confronted?
  • Why is the US fighting a "war on terror" and can it ever be won?
  • To what degree do economic imperatives drive US foreign policy?
  • What is the utility of US military force after Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • To what extent should US security policy address issues such as poverty and environmental change?
  • Is the US in relative decline as a world power?

Further information

About the course

Programme Director:
Georg Löfflmann

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US Troops on Patrol

The student experience


"I was initially drawn to Warwick due to its social and political science departments’ excellent reputations combined with a warm and welcoming campus that presents an array of extracurricular clubs and activities. Apart from providing a strong academic grounding, the unforgettable experience during the three years of my Undergraduate degree persuaded me to stay on for an additional year to complete an MA. I was most impressed with the flexibility of the Masters programme, which allowed for the selection of a variety of modules to create a degree tailored to my career aspirations and interests. What is more, the department brings together people from all corners of the world, forming an international community that has helped to challenge me and drive my ambition with each step."

- Shivani Handa, MA International Relations 2010-11

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