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You Said, We Did 2016-17

Here just a few of the changes we have made and the ways we are developing due to your feedback…

The National Student Survey (NSS) has been highly instrumental in enabling this change, as have the Warwick Student Survey, module surveys, the SSLC and individual conversations. Please do continue to provide feedback to make your PPE degree and community the best it can be.

You asked for...


More academic support
  • We are recruiting a new Director of PPE and Director of Student Experience and Progression for Sep 2017. They are the first new academic posts designed specifically for PPE.
  • A Director of PPE to build on our strategy and curriculum
  • A Director of Student Experience and Progression to support your development
More emphasis on interdisciplinary topics
  • We sought SSLC feedback and approval on a potential new second-year module in applying the three disciplines on relevant topics
  • We have advertised more widely the availability of interdisciplinary modules to students and applicants
Opportunities to build research experience and extend PPE-specific personal development
  • Established a research assistant scheme providing 5 students per year with paid research assistant roles with academics from the three departments
  • Provided a budget to support student conference attendance
Access to specific publications
  • Created a bespoke PPE resource budget for materials not otherwise available through departments and asked for SSLC feedback on how this should be used
  • Used a proportion of this budget, as requested by the SSLC to give all PPE students access to the Financial Times online.
Careers events which focus on a variety of pathways
  • We emphasised your access to activities in all three of the departments, as well as PPE-specific events to show all careers.
  • We have funded the PPE Society and suggested similar focus on a range of careers
  • The Careers Service has moved designated PPE drop-ins to the Social Sciences Hub for ease of access.
Recognition for the support and enthusiasm you give to PPE
  • Recruited a new set to reach 25 active student ambassadors to support events and build their CV through outreach and admissions events
  • Provided training in working at events and in widening participation
  • Further increased our investment in the PPE Society
More guidance on essay writing
  • We have advertised Philosophy- and PAIS-specific essay writing skills sessions for all years