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Robin Cohen

Professor Robin Cohen

Robin Cohen is Emeritus Professor of Development Studies and Former Director, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford. He was Professor of Sociology at Warwick for many years and retains an honorary professorship at the university. He served as Dean of Humanities at the University of Cape Town (2001–3) and directed the nationally designated UK Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations at Warwick (1985–9). He has held full-time appointments at the Universities of Ibadan, Birmingham and the West Indies and sessional appointments at Stanford, Toronto and Berkeley.

Robin Cohen is editor of the Routledge series on Global diasporas and of the Cambridge survey of world migration (1995). His books include Labour and politics in Nigeria (1974, rev. 1982); Endgame in South Africa? (1986); The new helots: migrants in the international division of labour (1987); Contested domains: debates in international labour studies (1991); Frontiers of identity: the British and the others (1994), Global diasporas: an introduction (1997, 1999, 2001, 2005 rev. 2008), Global sociology (co-author, 2000, rev. 2007, rev. 2013) and Migration and its enemies (2006). With Paola Toninato he has edited a large student reader, The Creolization Reader (2009)

His works have been translated into Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. He has edited or co-edited 20 further volumes, particularly on labour studies, ethnicity, diasporas, migration, transnationalism and globalisation.

His research is on international migration, diasporas, cosmopolitanism and creolization. His research on creolization was funded by the award of an ESRC Professorial Fellowship.

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