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Working Papers

The most current working papers are available online. If you are interested in a particular paper that is not online then please contact the Publications Secretary

No. Date Title of Working Paper Author
117 May 2012

Ucbasaran, D., Shepherd, D., Lockett, A. and Lyon, J.

116 April 2012 Stephen Roper, Priit Vahter and James H Love
115 March 2012 Joan-Lluis Capelleras and Kevin F Mole
114 February 2012 Stephen Roper, James H Love and Priit Vahter
113 January 2012 Priit Vahter, James H Love and Stephen Roper
112 July 2011 James H Love, Stephen Roper and Priit Vahter
111 July 2011

Path Dependency and Innovation: Evidence from Matched Patents and Innovation Panel Data

Stephen Roper and Nola Hewitt-Dundas
110 September 2010 In with the New: The Determinants of Prescribing Innovation by General Practitioners in Ireland Jane Bourke and Stephen Roper
109 May 2010 Knowledge, Openness, Innovation and Growth in UK Business Services James Love and Stephen Roper
108 May 2010 Moving On: From Enterprise Policy to Innovation Policy in the Western Balkans Stephen Roper
107 November 2009 From Knowledge to Added Value: A Comparative, Panel-Data Anaylsis of the Innovation Value Chain in Irish and Swiss Manufacturing Firms Stephen Roper and Spyros Arvanitis
106 August 2009 Innovation in Transition: A Comparison of the Innovation Potential of Incumbent Firms and Innovative Start-Ups in the Western Balkans Stephen Roper
105 August 2009 Broader or Deeper? Exploring the Most Effective Intervention Profile for Public Small Business Support Kevin Mole, Mark Hart, Stephen Roper and David Saal
104 June 2009 Public R & D and Regional Development: Spillovers from University and Company-Based Research Centres Stephen Roper and Nola Hewitt-Dundas
103 June 2009 Output Additionality of Public Support for Innovation: Evidence for Irish Manufacturing Plants Nola Hewitt-Dundas and Stephen Roper
102 January 2009 Creating Advantage in Peripheral Regions: The Role of Publicy-Funded R & D Centres
This paper was revised in July 2010
Nola Hewitt-Dundas and Stephen Roper
101 September 2008 Worlds Apart? A Comparison of the NPD Strategies of Biopharmaceutical Firms in Europe and the US Tianjiao Xia and Stephen Roper
100 September 2008 Openness and Innovation: Home and Expert Demand Effects on Manufacturing Innovation - Panel Data Evidence for Ireland and Switzerland Martin Woerter and Stephen Roper
099 June 2008 Management Formality, Size of Firm and Employee Evaluations of Work David Storey, George Saridakis, Sukanya Sen-Gupta, Paul Edwards and Robert Blackburn
098 June 2008 Do Entrepreneurs Really Learn? Evidence from Bank Data Julian Frankish, Richard Roberts and David Storey
097 May 2008 Signalling Process and Self-Selection Mechanism in Entrepreneurial Finance Liang Han, Stuart Fraser and David Storey
096 April 2008 Is There Ethnic Discrimination in the UK Market for Small Business Credit? Stuart Fraser
095 March 2008 Are Good or Bad Borrowers Discouraged from Applying for Loans? Evidence from US Small Business Credit Markets Liang Han, Stuart Fraser and David Storey
094 March 2008 Service Innovation, Embeddedness and Business Performance: UK Regional Evidence James H Love, Stephen Roper and Nola Hewitt-Dundas
093 March 2008 Assessing the Effectiveness of Business Support Services in England: Evidence from a Theory-Based Evaluation Kevin Mole, Mark Hart, Stephen Roper and David Saal
092 February 2008 Envisioning, Enabling and Enacting: Metamorphosing the Enterprise - P3 Diagnostic Nigel Sykes
091 January 2008 From Capability to Connectivity: Absorptive Capacity and Exploratory Alliances in Biopharmaceutical Firms - A US-Europe Comparison Tianjiao Xia and Stephen Roper
090 November 2007 Knowledge, Capabilities and Manufacturing Innovation: A US-Europe Comparison Stephen Roper, Jan Youtie, Philip Shapira and Andrea Fernandez Ribas
089 June 2006

The Impact of Enterprise Size on Employment Tribunal Incidence and Outcomes: Evidence from Britain

George Saridakis, Sukanya Sen-Gupta, Paul Edwards and David Storey
088 August 2005 Evaluating Youth Entrepreneurship: The Case of the Prince’s Trust Francis Greene
087 June 2005 Youth Entrepreneurship: Latent Entrepreneurship, Market Failure and Enterprise Support Francis Greene
086 April 2005 Do More Heavily Regulated Economies Have Poorer Performing New Ventures?: Evidence from Britain and Spain Joan-Lluis Capelleras, Kevin Mole, Francis Greene and David Storey
085 July 2004 Are Entrepreneurs Eternal Optimists or Do They ‘Get Real’? Stuart Fraser and Francis Greene
084 May 2004

An Analysis of Growth in New Firms and the Impact of Liquidity Constraints

Graham Hay and Kevin Mole
083 March 2004 Start-Up Size and Subsequent Growth: English and Spanish New Businesses Compared

Joan-Lluis Capelleras, Kevin Mole and Francis Greene

082 December 2003 Bank Interest Margins and Business Start-Up Collateral: Testing for Convexity

Andrew Burke and Aoife Hanley

081 December 2003 Beyond the ‘Employee or Entrepreneur’ Dichotomy: Accounting for Entrepreneurial Persistence and Type Andrew Burke, Felix Fitzroy and Michael Nolan
080 December 2003 Who Will Pay for Innovation in the Digital Music Industry? Personal versus Commercial Users and Price Regulation Andrew Burke
079 August 2003

How Do Banks Pick Safer Ventures? A Theory Relating the Importance of Risk Aversion and Collateral to Interest Margins and Credit Rationing

Andrew Burke and Aoife Hanley
078 March 2003

Earnings, Policy and the ‘Enterprise Culture’: A Structural Analysis Of Self-Employment Choices and Uncertainty In The UK, 1983 - 1999

Stuart Fraser and Francis Greene
077 October 2002

Self-Employment and the Enterprise Culture: "Lubbly Jubbly!"

Stuart Fraser and Francis Greene
076 October 2002 Tracking Euro Preparations Amongst UK SMEs Francis Greene and Kevin Mole
075 October 2002 Some Issues in Productivity and the Small Firm

Kevin Mole

074 October 2002

On the Relationship Between Antitrust and Copyright Law: Economic versus Moral Rights

Andrew Burke
073 August 2002

How Do Banks Pick Safer Ventures? Theory and Evidence of the Importance of Collateral, Interest Margins and Credit Rationing

Andrew Burke & Aoife Hanley
072 May 2001 Enterprise Support: A Tonic for Young People Francis Greene
071 October 2000 Envisioning, Enabling and Enacting: Metamorphosing the Enterprise Nigel Sykes
070 August 2000 A Theory of Discouraged Borrowers Yoshinori Kon & David Storey
069 November 1999 Human Resource Management Policies and Practices in SMEs in the UK: Does It Really Influence Their Performance? David Storey
068 September 1999 Discouraged Borrowers: A Study of Micro and Small Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago David Storey
067 August 1999 The Management Of Newly Registered JASDAQ Firms B Kozo Yamada and Marc Cowling
066 April 1999 Is the Organisation Encoded with a “DNA” which Determines its Development?: A Theoretical Model which Describes the Process of Growth of Organisation Through a Similar Process to the Metamorphosis of an “Egg To A Butterfly” Nigel Sykes
065 December 1998 The Determination of Profits in Japan’s Small Business Sector Noriyuki Doi and Marc Cowling
064 December 1998 The Growth Profit Nexus Marc Cowling
063 November 1998 Fixed Wages or Productivity Pay: Evidence from 15 EU Countries Marc Cowling
062 November 1998 Performance-Related Pay in Southern Europe Marc Cowling
061 November 1998 The Extent and Determination of PRP Systems in Scandinavian Countries Marc Cowling
060 November 1998 Are Entrepreneurs Different Across Countries? Marc Cowling
059 September 1998 Six Steps to Heaven: Evaluating the Impact of Public Policies to Support Small Businesses in Developed Economies David Storey
058 April 1998 Estimating the Impact of Publicly-Subsidised Advisory Services upon Small Firm Performance: The Case of the DTI Marketing Initiative Colin Wren and David Storey
057 April 1998 Entrepreneurial Ability and the Size Distribution of Firms Mark Taylor & Marc Cowling
056 February 1998 The Entrepreneurial Society Marc Cowling
055 February 1998 The Performance of JASDAQ Companies and Venture Capital Investment: Before and After Floatation Kenji Kutsana and Marc Cowling
054 January 1998 Public Financing Initiatives for Promoting Smaller Firms: Predicting Defaults and Hazard Rates on the UK Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme Marc Cowling and Peter Mitchell
053 November 1997 Is There Adverse Selection in the Credit Market? Robert Cressy and Otto Toivanen
052 October 1997 Small Business Loan Requests: Who Gets the Cash? Marc Cowling
051 October 1997 The Incidence of Loan Collateralisation in Small Business Lending Contracts Marc Cowling
050 October 1997 The Determination of Bank Small Business Loan Premia in the UK Marc Cowling
049 April 1997 Entrepreneurial Women and Men: Two Different Species? Marc Cowling, Mark Taylor and Peter Mitchell
048 April 1997 The Impact of Board Director Education, Training and Development on the Performance of Middle-Market Firms in the UK Elizabeth Amos, Jane Spiller, David Storey and Richard Wade
047 February 1997 Job Creation and the Self-Employed: A Story of Life, Wealth and Vocational Qualifications Marc Cowling, Peter Mitchell and Mark Taylor
046 January 1997 Production Functions: The Role of Managers and Entrepreneurial Scale Diseconomies Marc Cowling
045 December 1996 The Evans and Jovanovic Equivalence Theorem and Credit Rationing: Another Look (revised version) Robert Cressy
044 September 1996 Independent SMEs and Graduates: Assessing the Contribution of STEP to the SME Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
043 September 1996 Ownership and Management Issues in First and Multi-Generation Family Firms Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
042 August 1996 Management and Ownership Issues in Family and Non-Family Companies Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
041 August 1996 Graduates and SMEs: Assessing the Contribution of the Shell Technology Enterprise Programme (STEP) Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
040 August 1996 Novice, Portfolio and Serial Founders: Are they Different? Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
039 April 1996 Small Business Risk: A Firm Bank Perspective David Storey and Robert Cressy
038 April 1996 Initial Tests on the Sensitivity of the Parameters of the Loan Guarantee Scheme Marc Cowling
037 March 1996 Regional Patterns and Determinants of Small Firm Loans Issued Under the Loan Guarantee Scheme in the UK Marc Cowling
036 March 1996 Technology-Based Firms Located on Science Parks: The Applicability of Bullock's ‘Soft-Hard’ Model Paul Westhead and Stephen Batstone
035 March 1996 Job-Related Formal Training by Employers: A Case for Targeting? Paul Westhead
034 February 1996 Self Employment: A Last Resort or a Long-Run Decision? Evidence from Self-Employed Individuals and Those who Employ Others Marc Cowling and Peter Mitchell
033 January 1996 Performance Contrasts Between Family and Non-Family Unquoted Companies in the UK Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
032 January 1996 Demographic Contrasts Between Family and Non-Family Unquoted Companies in the UK Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
031 January 1996 R & D Inputs and Outputs of Technology-Based Firms Located On and Off Science Parks Paul Westhead
030 October 1995 The Evolution of Firm-Size Distribution in Japanese and UK Manufacturing: A Study of Small Business Presence Mar Cowling and Noriyuki Doi
029 October 1995 Management Training in Small Firms: A Case of Market Failure David Storey & Paul Westhead
028 June 1995 Financing Technology-Based Firms in the United Kingdom David Storey & Paul Westhead
027 June 1995 The High Technology Small Firm Sector in the UK During a Recessionary Period Dylan Jones Evans and Paul Westhead
026 May 1995 Credit Rationing or Monetary Illusion? Evidence from Defaults Under the Loan Guarantee Scheme Robert Cressy and Marc Cowling
025 February 1995 Pre-Entrepreneurial Income Cash-Flow Growth and Survival of Start-Up Businesses: Model & Tests on UK Data Robert Cressy
024 January 1995 Links Between Higher Education Institutes and High Technology Firms Paul Westhead and David Storey
023 November 1994 Survival and Employment Growth Contrasts Between ‘Types’ of Owner-Managed High-Technology Firms Paul Westhead
022 November 1994 Employment Change in Independent Owner-Managed High-Technology Firms in Great Britain Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
021 November 1994 An Exploratory Analysis of the Factors Associated with the Survival of Independent High-Technology Firms in Great Britain Paul Westhead, David Storey and Marc Cowling
020 October 1994 Are Business Start-Ups Debt-Rationed? Robert Cressy
019 October 1994 A Matched-Pairs Comparison of ‘Exporting’ and ‘Non-Exporting’ Small Firms in Great Britain Paul Westhead
018 September 1994 Management Training and Small Firm Performance: A Critical Review David Storey and Paul Westhead
017 April 1994 Staying With It: Some Fundamental Determinants of Business Start-Up Longevity Robert Cressy
016 April 1994 The Economics of Information and SME Policy in the European Union Mike Coyne and Stephen Creight-Tyte
015 February 1993 A Matched-Pairs Comparison of New Owner-Managed Businesses in ‘Rural’ and ‘Urban’ Areas of Great Britain Paul Westhead
014 June 1993 Entrepreneurship in the Works of G.L.S. Shackle: The Prescient Thoughts of a Creative Imagination Stephen Batstone
013 February 1993

Small Business Borrowing and Control: A Theory of Entrepreneurial Types

Robert Cressy
012 February 1993 Loan Commitments and Business Starts: An Empirical Investigation of UK Data Robert Cressy
011 November 1992 Should We Abandon the Support to Start Up Businesses? David Storey
010 August 1992 The Effect of Labour Markets Discrimination on Women’s Expectations of Self- Employment Susan Marlow and Adam Strange
009 August 1992 Small Firms Debt Rescheduling versus Insolvency: The Bank’s Decision Problem Robert Cressy
008 August 1992 Business and Proprietor Characteristics, Complementary Finance Sources, Collateral and Bank Lending: The Case of UK Business Starts Robert Cressy
007 March 1992 An Examination of the Formulation of Policies by Training and Enterprise Councils Geoff Barnes
006 January 1992 Small Firm Bankruptcy Prediction: Span and Location of Trend Effects Robert Cressy
005 December 1991 Cost of Capital and Market Power: The Effect of Size Dispersion and Entry Barriers in Market Equilibrium Robert Cressy
004 November 1991 Births, Deaths and Turbulence in England and Wales Stephen Batstone and Emma Mansfield
003 May 1991 Entrepreneurial Reputation and Social Capital Stephen Batstone
002 March 1990 Funeral Directors David Storey and Susan Marlow
001 June 1989 The Characteristics of Young Companies Quoted on the Unlisted Securities Market Helen Stoddart and David Storey