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KIN Winter workshop 2017 - Data-driven decision making. 6th December 2017

The world of data-driven intelligence is evolving. Big data is now moving from the sole care of data scientists and becoming accessible to employees throughout organisations. The mystique surrounding data analytics is falling away, with sophisticated data visualisation tools designed to let non-technically-minded people understand metrics. Information that supports “good” business or policy decisions is just a click away.

The benefits are much faster – and we are told - more accurate decision making. But this raises a number of issues:

  • Are algorithms replacing intuition in terms of establishing “truth”?
  • Can we trust machines to make decisions for us?
  • Do we always need to have a human in the decision- making loop?
  • In this age of ‘democratised data and technologies’, what is the future role of the “expert” or professional?

These and other questions will be answered at the workshop, drawing on the practical expertise and experience of several world-class speakers and reinforced by experiential learning.

Dr Tom Kirchmaier will talk about his work for the Home Office on predictive crime analytics.

Juan Mateos-Garcia, will talk about Algorithmic Fallibility and whether we understand enough about the algorithms that make critical decisions for us.

Anton Fishman, will talk about the impact of AI & Machine Learning on the professions, the loss of monopoly control of related domains of knowledge, the consequences for development and careers with the allocation of routine professional work to AI/robo-advisors and the change management challenges these trends pose.

Fri 06 October 2017, 11:26 | Tags: workshop, innovation, emerging technologies, Data