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OM Doctoral Students

We encourage applications from prospective PhD students with research interests which align with our research areas. Please look at individual academics' profiles or the OM group research page to check. Details of entry to the WBS PhD programme are available here. Eligibility criteria. If you wish to apply to the OM Group, first send a CV and brief research proposal to Pietro Micheli who coordinates all OM Group PhD applications.



Rima Al Hasan The interaction between process improvement approaches and product innovation

Daniella Badu The use of information from performance measurement system to drive organisational ambidexterity

Haley Beer Developing performance measurement theory within social enterprises

Lisa Callf The future role of the ‘people’ element in automotive supply chain decision-making processes

Altricia Dawson Group biases in operating processes

Simon Guilfoyle Understanding and advancing Police performance management: a study of established models from a systems perspective

Shaun Kelso  The utilisation of a Strategy-As-Practice approach within a nuclear case study

Luodi Pan Operationalization of business models in dynamic services: from value proposition to resource configuration

Sharon Ramdenee Enhancing shareholder value through supply chain practices: an empirical investigation

Amirhossein Ziaeiardekani Designing a performance measurement framework for small and medium sized enterprises


and current employment

Ross Ritchie (2014) Managing Risk in Operations: A Multi-Level Study'

Lecturer in Operations Management, Loughborough Business School

Emmanuel Alvizos (2013) Servitization strategies and firm boundary decisions

Management Consultant

Claire Collins (2012) The dynamics of dyadic leadership development relationships using executive coaching as an intervention example

Associate Professor of Leadership Development and Behaviour at Henley Business School

Nicola Burgess (2012) Lean Implementation in the NHS

Associate Professor in Operations Management, WBS

Xiangyu Kong (2012) Exploring online customer experience

Management Consultant/lecturer at Aston Business School

Paul Walley (2012) Demand and capacity management in healthcare

Lecturer in Operations Management, The Open University