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The Winton Group invests in Excellence at Warwick

Mark Steel
One of the UKs most successful global investment managers, The Winton Group, has partnered with the University of Warwick to recognise the best in Computer Science, Statistics and Physics.
As part of a 5-year deal, Winton will support prizes for the very best students in Data Analytics, Computer Science, Statistics and Physics at Warwick.

Commenting on the new prizes, Professor Stephen Jarvis, Head of Computer Science at Warwick, said,

‘This is a great opportunity for our brightest and best students.

As well as the prize money, the winners will be able to meet with Winton’s representatives and get to know more about this highly successful business.’

Winton’s founder, David Harding, has been at the forefront of data-driven, systematic investment management for 30 years, and the business is renowned for its commitment to employing the brightest scientific minds to secure long term returns for their clients.

Winton is also well-known for its philanthropic commitments, supporting education and public engagement with science across many areas. In December 2016, the new Mathematics: The Winton Gallery opened at The Science Museum, funded by Winton Philanthropies. The gallery showcases the importance and relevance of Mathematics to our everyday existence, and is free to visit.

Professor Mark Steel, Head of Statistics at Warwick (pictured above), commented:

‘We are delighted that Winton has recognised Warwick as a key partner for Statistics.The Mathematical Sciences as a whole underpin everything that modern society has been built on, and it is wonderful to be able to reward our best students in this way - our thanks to Winton for these prizes.’

Warwick has recently undertaken a commitment to grow the Mathematical Sciences by 40% in the next decade and is currently raising philanthropic support for a new building which will house some of the best researchers in this field.

  • MSc Statistics Winton Award for Academic Excellence in Statistics
    Awarded for best overall mark. Announced each year in November.
  • MSc Computer Science Winton Award for Academic Excellence in Computer Science
    Awarded for best overall mark. Announced each year in October.
  • MSc Data Analytics Winton Award for Academic Excellence in Data Analytics
    Awarded for best overall mark. Announced each year in October.
  • PhD Physics Winton Award for Outstanding PhD Student in Physics
    Awarded for best overall mark in Astrophysics or Astronomy.
    Nominations in April, announcement in May each year