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Women and Science

GRP International Development : Panel on Women and Science

"What do women scientists bring to global development?”

1 March, 4pm - 6pm, Oculus: OC.104

Speakers :

Professor Jane Hutton, University of Warwick, winner of the Suffrage Science award
Professor Faith Osier, winner of the Fith Annual Merle A. Sande Health Leadership Award and a member of the Royal Society
Professor Charlotte Watts, founder of the Gender, Violence and Health Centre and Chief Scientific Advisor at DfID

Chaired by Professor Swaran Singh, University of Warwick, WMS - Mental Health and Wellbeing

The panel addressed the challenges and opportunities women face as scientists, and the contribution that they have made in addressing urgent problems. This event was part of a series focussing on gender inequalities and transforming gender relations and how this can contribute to the international development agenda. The panel included four female science professors from across the full range of the natural sciences, with special interest in gender issues and/or international development.

Thanks everyone for attending it was great to have you on our panel!





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