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Welcome to the Exams Section

The Examinations Section of the Academic Office is responsible for organising annually well in excess of a thousand different examinations which are sat by over fifteen thousand students across the University.

Please note that some examinations (e.g. Language Centre exams and some taught postgraduate exams) are organised by the relevant teaching department - please contact the department concerned for information about these.

Contacting the Exams Section

If you have any enquiries about examinations please email or call us on 024 7652 3633 (University extension 23633).

Module Registration for 2017/18

Module Registration for 2017/18 will for most courses open on 25th September 2017; further information will be posted in due course.

*PLEASE REMEMBER* that students whose home department is one of the following:

School of Law (LA)

Warwick Business School (WBS)

Warwick Medical School (WMS)

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)

History (Taught Postgraduate degrees)

DO NOT USE the eVision system for module registration and SHOULD REFER TO THEIR DEPARTMENTS FOR ALL MODULE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS (noting that the same deadlines will apply as for students using the eVision system).


Upcoming Events


First- year Boards of Examiners will consider students’ results at meetings to be held on 20th and 21st September. Other boards meet at varying times but not later than 22nd September. Notification is typically sent to students by e-mail within 7 calendar days after the meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners to inform them of the outcome of their September examinations. For First-year Boards of Examiners’ dates please see the Committee Timetable.


Examination materials: reminder

Students are also reminded that ALL answer books, statistical tables, law statutes etc provided to candidates in examinations are University property and MUST NOT BE REMOVED from examination rooms. Examination candidates are reminded that the deliberate removal of such materials constitutes theft.

Examination candidates MUST NOT WRITE in items such as statistical tables, law statutes etc which are provided only for reference purposes within the examination.