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Course Registration

Please note that a number of re-enrolment emails were sent out in error on 1st August. Full-time undergraduates do not need to re-enrol until the end of August so please keep an eye on your emails to receive further information about when to complete this.

Course Registration is an annual obligation for all students

Why do I need to complete Course Registration again?

Students must complete Course Registration annually. Students that do not complete Course Registration will no longer be treated as a student of the University and their rights (such as library and IT access) will be revoked. The re-enrolment process also ensures that you agree, for up to a further twelve month period, to abide by the Regulations and Ordinances of the University, something which is legally required of all students.

  • It allows us to confirm that you are actually continuing with your course of study and remain eligible to use the Library and IT Services.
  • It gives you the opportunity to ensure that all the details we hold about you are correct - For example, if you have moved house and updated your details during the re-enrolment process then we can send your degree congregation invitation to the right address.
  • It ensures we have an accurate picture of how many students we have on campus (and indeed off campus in the case of distance learning students) so can plan our facilities and resources accurately.
  • In many cases completing Course Registration also allows you to register for modules and/or examinations.

In the majority of cases students should complete Course Registration in August for the new academic year (eg. August 2017 for 2017/18 academic year). Please be aware that while Course Registration remains open to you until your Course Registration is complete, we will be introducing a series of escalating penalties for late completion. Therefore it is in your best interests to complete Course Registration promptly.

How do I complete Course Registration?

In August, you will receive a personalised email to your Warwick email address informing you that Course Registration is open for you. This is done on an individual basis and therefore may not be the same time for your housemates or course mates. Sign into Student Records Online using your IT username and password. Select 'My data' to access the Course Registration pages. Before Course Registration has been opened for you, you will simply see the usual My Data pages.

The online form gives you the opportunity to update your personal details before completing Course Registration. Please note that should your details change in year, you can change some of this information throughout the year via Student Records Online.

(PDF Document) Click here for the Course Registration User Guide

I need some assistance with Course Registration - who should I contact?

Please refer to the FAQ and Contact Us page.