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Eating at Warwick top-up

To say thank you for taking part, if you complete the survey online, you will be able to claim a £5 credit on your Eating at Warwick card to spend in Rootes Grocery Store, The Dirty Duck, The SU and any other campus outlets which accept eating at warwick cards.

How to claim your Eating at Warwick top-up

Step 1

Complete the survey online at (or following the personalised link in the email sent to you by

Step 2

Forward the confirmation email you receive from Ipsos MORI to You will then receive an email in response with directions about how to add the £5 credit to your account on the Eating at Warwick portal.

Step 3

Follow the directions you receive to add the credit to your account using the Eating at Warwick portal.


To access your online survey, if you have not done so already, you can follow the personalised link provided to you in an invitation email from "" or go directly to survey website where you can access your survey after entering a few details to confirm your eligibility.

Please note: You are eligible to receive the £5 credit, even if you have not previously used the Eating at Warwick scheme.