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Information for students on the UK leaving the EU

Our global community is a tremendous gift to the UK. We will continue to emphasise how the culture, knowledge and skills, quality research, creativity, innovativeness and civic-mindedness of all of our community greatly enriches the region and the country.

Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor

Staff and students from the EU and countries beyond continue to be welcomed as an integral part of our community, and we will continue to engage fully with our partners in European research and mobility programmes as appropriate.

In light of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, we recognise staff and students will have concerns about how this might impact their immigration status, or their study or work arrangements in the UK. There is still much clarity to come on the UK government's timetable and negotiations to leave the UK, which is likely to take at least two years, but we will provide any information and guidance that we are able to share. We will continue to update this guidance as we understand more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tuition fees change?

If you are a current student classified as 'home' for fees purposes, or your offer letter for a place to study at Warwick for 2016/17 was made on this basis, we will protect your tuition fees from any increases linked to a change in your fee status after the UK leaves the EU.

We will also do this for EU students starting their studies with us in Autumn 2017, and also Autumn 2018. This means that those students who enrolled in 2016, and erolling in 2017 or 2018 will continue to be charged fees at the same rate as UK students for the duration of their studies.

This decision is in line with the University’s existing policy to protect continuing students from any fee increases above the standard fee inflation rate.

Our current fee levels for all types of student are detailed on our Academic Fees and Financial Support pages.

Will my access to student loans change?

EU students' eligibility to access student loans is based on fee status. On 11 October 2016 the Government announced that EU students applying to English universities for 2017/18 will be eligible for loans/grants for the duration of their course as normal. This improved certainty for EU students has been warmly welcomed by Universities UK.

Will my immigration status change?

If you are a citizen of another EU country, we do not expect there to be any change to your immigration status in the UK for approximately two years from the date the UK formally submits its intention to the European Council to leave the EU after the referendum. We do not yet have information on what immigration changes might be introduced in the future.

Will this affect whether I can take an Erasmus+ year abroad?

If you are planning to participate in the Erasmus+ scheme as part of your studies, there will not be any impact on your participation as a result of the referendum. This applies to current students and new students starting in 2017 and 2018.

The University currently charges a reduced fee set at 15% of the standard Warwick home/EU fee level for Erasmus study abroad periods. We will continue to charge this rate for participating students starting their courses in 2017 and 2018. In this way, we will ensure that any registered students wishing to particulate in Erasmus+ will be able to do so irrespective of whether or not the University is eligible to receive Erasmus funding following UK exit from the EU.

The University remains committed to student mobility within Europe and in the rest of the world. We are pleased that our discussions with our exchange partners also indicate that they are commited to continuing with exchange arrangements with Warwick even if the UK is no longer part of the Erasmus+ scheme in future years. We do not yet know whether the basis on which student places are provided by our EU partners might alter, but we will work closely and swiftly with these partners to ensure clarity and no loss of opportunity here.

What does this mean for the Warwick community?

We continue to celebrate the international and inclusive nature of the Warwick community, and our strong global outlook through our #warwickoneworld campaign.

On 30 June we held a celebration of our international vibe for all staff and students, and we are using all our channels to champion our community's international make-up and focus.

What support services are available?

The University Counselling Service provides a professional, therapeutic counselling service free of charge to all students at the University.They can be contacted if students are experiencing uncertainty or anxiety relating to the impact of the referendum.

When will there be legislative changes?

Based on public statements made by members of the government, we expect that the UK’s exit from the EU will be a managed negotiation process estimated to take two years from the date the UK formally submits its intention to the European Council to leave the EU after the referendum. This has not been done immediately and much depends on the timing and content of political decisions made by the new government formed under Prime Minister Theresa May. At this stage, we do not have any further detail of the government or European Commission’s timetables or plans for legislative changes.

What is the University doing for staff and students?

- Our Vice-Chancellor, Stuart Croft, wrote a blog post on his immediate reaction to the UK leaving the EU

- Seán Hand, Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, made a statement about result

- The Race Charter Mark Committee made a statement about the result

- We wrote directly to all current students and applicants by email immediately after the referendum with initial assurances and guidance, and continue to update student guidance available on this page when we can

- We held an all-staff meeting on 12 July, hosted by Stuart Croft, to discuss the impact on Warwick of the UK’s vote to leave the EU

- We have created Research and Impact Fellowships to develop research and accelerate impact in areas related to the recent referendum and the vote to leave the EU

- We have issued a joint statement with Coventry University and the leaders of Coventry and Warwickshire Councils to demonstrate our regional commitment to continuing to attract students, international investment and global partnerships to the region


Please do not hesitate to contact us via one of the following routes if you have any further questions and we will try to come back to you as soon as we can:

Undergraduate admissions

Postgraduate admissions

Study Abroad team

Current students