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Where do I fit in?

Developing your self-awareness will help you to assess your skills, discover your strengths, find out what motivates you and to help you to explore your options. Or use these careers statements to help you find out what your next step is.

Self-awareness Statements


Book an appointment to talk about and explore your options, learn what employers are looking for and start your career planning.


How to get ahead

Your future. Your way. Make the most of your opportunities and the many doors that a world-class education can open!

Get ahead

Departmental careers

Would you like to know what careers options are available to students studying your degree or in your department?


What do Warwick graduates do?

Use Graduate Employment Market Statistics (GEMS) to find out about the destinations of Warwick graduates.


Job sector careers

Are you interested in working in a particular industry or job sector? The resources here should be able to help you!

Job sectors


Why not take your idea to the next level and start your own business! Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? We offer help for entrepreneurs through enterprise at Warwick.


Change your course

Changing or leaving your course is a big decision. Book an appointment and we can guide you through the implications of your choice to help with your career planning.

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Further study

Postgraduate study can be a rewarding experience - with potential career benefits - but it's important that you do your research before committing yourself.

Further study