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Activites at the Chaplaincy over the Christmas Vacation

We are open in the Vacations!!

The Chaplaincy will be open to all students and staff with valid University ID cards from 9am to 9pm each day in the vacation (including bank holidays). Over the December vacation we host ‘The Student Lounge’ in the Chaplaincy. There will be board games and other activities to use and the projector set up for you to be able to watch films together. The kitchen will be stocked with fresh milk for hot drinks and bread to make toast with.

Friday 9th December

The University’s Candlelit Carol Service is taking place on Friday 9th December at 5.15pm in the Chaplaincy, followed by refreshments. Everyone is welcome.

Christmas Day: Sunday 25th December

Catholic Mass will continue to be held every Sunday through the vacation, including Christmas Day, at 12.30pm in the Chaplaincy.

New Year's Day: Sunday 1st January

The Chaplaincy are hosting a New Year’s Day breakfast and walk. Come to the Chaplaincy from 10.30am on Sunday 1st January for a hot breakfast before heading out for a traditional new year’s day walk.

Get Festive at the PG Hub

Just next door to the Chaplaincy, in Senate House, is the PG Hub and they've also got lots on. Check out: