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Management of Property

Leases, Licences and Other Agreements will be handled through the Estates office and must be in accordance with an application form process that satisfies the University Financial Procedure 20 (FP20) process.

Have you read the Leasing Guidance and the Space Management Guideline?

A Property Enquiry Form should be submitted and Authorisation to Negotiate received, prior to any detailed negotiations taking place.

The Estates office are responsible for any acquisition of new or replacement property, land or agreed co-location accommodation by way of freehold, telecoms site-sharing licences, wayleave agreements, lease or licence interests and the management of granting leasehold and licence interests within the portfolio (excluding the Science Park, Wellesbourne commercial property leases , and off campus student residences). The Estates office is the main point of contact for all property estate matters, holding all lease and tenancy agreements and managing landlord/tenant relationships. The Estates office or its nominated representative will represent the University in its landlord obligations to its external tenants and also where the University has obligations as a tenant.

The portfolio includes a substantial and varied freehold estate with leasehold properties around the campuses and at local, national and international level. We represent the University in its landlord obligations to its external tenants.

The Estates office has a small professional team handling a wide range of property management matters, including leases, licences, supporting the management of budgets for rent, service charges and property related payments along with Central Finance. At the appropriate time we ensure that rent reviews and service charge increases under the terms of the lease or license are implemented with Central Finance.

The University requires that all outside bodies intending to take up occupation in University accommodation to sign up to a formal agreement before they are allowed into occupation. There are a number of reasons for this, the most important relating to Security of Tenure provided by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 and the University requirement that all such agreements are excluded from the provisions of the Act by way of a Statutory declaration made by the tenant/occupier, where possible. Additionally however, good property management requires some form of regulation between the University and independent third party bodies so that each know their respective rights and liabilities.


There are a number of agreements as follows:

Licence Agreement

The Licence Agreement is made between the Licensee and the University (Licensor) and is a legally binding document and both parties will be bound by it is an agreement for occupancy and does not create a tenancy.

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Lease Agreement

This provides the tenant with exclusive access to a floor or a building for the duration of the agreement.

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Enquiry form

If you require further information, please contact Mary Peirson, Head of Finance – Science Park at:

The Venture Centre
Sir William Lyons Road
Tel: 02476 323005