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Award for Thinking About University website

Screenshot: Thinking about University homepageWe're delighted to hear that Thinking About University, a website for young people in year groups 5 to 13, has been recognised with an Innovation and Best Practice Award by the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association.

The Web Publishing Team in IT Services worked with the University's Outreach Team to develop the child-friendly website – designing the homepage, incorporating the design into the University's website template and advising on how to make the site interactive.

The website provides information on what university life is like – what a lecture or seminar is, where students live, who goes to university – in a fun, interactive way. The aim is to give young people a way to explore university life and find answers to questions that might impact their future choices.

Young people navigate the site through an illustrated campus map and language describing different aspects of university is tailored to specific ages.

The website is used in schools as part of the University's outreach programme.