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Kickstart the use of VR at Warwick - Santander Digital Innovation Fund

Online course now available: Virtual Reality - what is it? how does it work? how can we use it to enhance learning, teaching and the student experience?


Our aim is to demystify this emerging technology as it hits the mainstream, give lots of people experience of VR headsets, and to give some people experience of creating VR videos through google cardboard and/or 360 cameras.

Amber Thomas, head of Academic Technologies, Warwick.

This is a simple, short, collaborative project, initiated by the Academic Technology Team, but drawing in partners from across the University (see the list of participants on the right hand side of this page). We have £2,500 in funding from the Santander Digital Innovation fund.

The initial plan is as follows:

  1. An initial session with the core project participants, with Catherine Allen explaining technologies, techniques and issues in VR production and consumption - videos and notes from the session are now online.
  2. Create a mobile Pop Up Virtual Reality Lab that can be moved to any location on campus.
  3. A set of google cardboard headsets (maybe 50 if we can buy in bulk).
  4. A VR camera (c£300).
  5. A familiarisation session (with Catherine Allen and colleagues) – showing how to view VR through the headset and some basics on how to make VR films/resources.
  6. Staff who’ve done the session can then hire the kit for a day or a week at a time. Main constraint is that participants have the right kind of Android or Apple phone (to run google cardboard).
  7. We will then follow this up with a VR at Warwick network, peer-supported design and implementation sessions, and further application for funding as specific ideas develop (for example, Digichamps staff/student collaboration funding from WIHEA).