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Data Storage Service

IT Services Filestore

Each student and staff ITS Account includes an ‘H Drive’ storage folder for personal work files. Staff accounts also have access to departmental, research and project file shares.

Request a quota increase (up to 10GB)

Find out how to access your filestore


MyFiles gives you remote access to filestore from wherever you are.

MyFiles Web is a simple, browser-based version.
MyFiles WebDAV is good for off-campus access.
Older versions of windows can use MyFiles SFTP.


This is a managed service providing departments with secure, reliable disk-based data backup. We also use tape storage where appropriate for additional data security.

Storage Area Networks

These are used behind the scenes by other storage services. They also provide facilities suitable for IT groups who need a large, bulk storage service provided directly to their servers.

Storage Now

This is an extra free storage service for individual staff members and teams. We can provide each staff member on request with an additional 50GB storage folder. Teams can request a 100GB folder.

Request a Storage Now folder (staff only)

Filestore H Drive Previous Versions

We use the Previous Versions feature in Windows servers to make regular copies of all H Drive data, so that you can restore deleted files or return to an older version.