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Important Service Announcements

VPN Service BugFix Maintenance Upgrade.

We are planning a maintenence upgrade to the Campus & Chile VPN Service Appliances.

This upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday 29th November between 06:30 and 09:00.

The VPN service will remain available, however the service should be considered at risk during this period.

Therefore, users may experience problems in connecting, or may be disconnected.

If unsuccessful connection attempts or disconnections occur, we ask you re-try until successful.

We will endeavor to keep the disruption down to a minimum.

VPN services affected are:

  1. Campus Staff VPN service.
  2. Chile VPN service.
  3. 2-Factor VPN services including:
    • ITS Staff VPN
    • ITS Team VPN's
    • Contractor VPN's
    • Unitemps IT and Test VPN's
    • University of Cambridge and University of Ulster VPN

Normal service will be resumed after 09:00.

If you require any further information please refer to: RFC0027836.

Thank you for your patience whist we perform the necessary work.

Glenn Brennan.
Network Team.
IT Services.