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Web Publishing Service Level Targets & Metrics

We report monthly and annual metrics on the following services and activities:

Number Metric What we measure
1 Web site performance Time to load a web page on and off campus
2 Web site activity Number of page views, edits made and editors using the web site
3 Support volume Volume of support calls received
4 Support response Percentage of support calls handled within agreed target times

View the current activities page for a full list of work completed this month and upcoming work.

Metric 1: Web site performance

What we measure Chart
Percentage of time a request for a page is returned within three seconds from on campus  This year
Off campus web page requests  This year
Single Sign-on user lookup request returned within five seconds  This year

Metric 2: Web site activity

What we measure Chart
Page views  This year
Page edits  This year
Number of editors  This year

Metrics 3 and 4: Support calls per month

Support calls: December Service Health Check Report