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Is there an Android home screen widget?

We're looking into adding a home screen widget for teaching timetables. However this is quite a complicated feature to develop, so if you're looking for a home screen widget on an Android phone in the meantime, it's possible to get a similar results by adding your timetable to your Google Calendar, then adding a Calendar widget on your home screen. You'll need to do this on a computer to add the calendar. It will then sync to your phone.

  • Use the link above to copy your timetable link.
  • Visit Google Calendar on a computer.
  • Next to Other calendars on the left, click the Down arrow.
  • Select Add by URL.Add By URL
  • Paste the link from Tabula into the box.Enter URL
  • Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under Other calendars and will sync to your phone. You may need to wait for your phone to next sync your Google account.
  • On your phone go to the Calendar app, enter Settings and tap the new calendar. Toggle Sync on so that the events are synced to your phone.

You can now add a Calendar widget to your home screen. The default widget will include all the events that the Calendar app shows, including non-timetable events. You can try other widgets from Google Play, such as Calendar Widget which lets you choose the calendars you want to include.