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External IDs

You can give external users access to parts of your SiteBuilder website by setting passwords for the relevant pages. However, for a more fine-grained approach, consider providing them with an External ID. You can then assign permissions to enable them to access pages and files in SiteBuilder, Files.Warwick and Warwick Blogs.

For either service, please submit a request to the ITS Help Desk via this online form.

Your responsibilities

In undertaking to create External IDs, you accept the following conditions and responsibilities:

  1. You agree to abide by any naming conventions for external users which IT Services asks you to follow. The current naming convention is your two-letter department code followed by an underscore, first initial and surname – for example, cu_FBloggs. To avoid clashes with University IDs (students and staff), the External ID must contain at least eight characters.
  2. Each External ID should only be used by the person to whom it's assigned; do not share it.
  3. Do not create or duplicate External IDs for University members (because they already have a University ID).
  4. You are responsible for managing the life cycle of your External IDs, reviewing them regularly, and removing any that are no longer required. This will ensure that your External IDs can be closed or transferred to another member of staff at Warwick.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that people you create External IDs for are aware of the University's regulations governing the use of University computing facilities and that they will use their External ID responsibly.

Facility to create and update External IDs yourself

Once you have been given permissions, you can create, update and remove External IDs using the facility at: 


When a person receives their External ID they should change their password immediately.

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