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SiteBuilder FAQs

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About SiteBuilder
What is it, how do I get it, advantages and disadvantages and web addresses.
Getting started
Site look and feel, navigation, structure, mobile display and signing in to edit.
Creating pages
Start a new, blank page or use a page template such as news, calendar, forum, form or podcast.
Editing content
Editing and manipulating content.
Editing page properties
The different page properties and how to edit them.
Adding and checking links
Linking to other SiteBuilder pages or external sites and checking for broken links.
Working with pages
Copying, deleting, moving, renaming and restoring.
Working with files
Uploading, editing, changing properties and permissions and moving files.
Editing page permissions
Explaining permissions and how to alter and grant them.
Discussion forums
Creating and administering a forum.
General administration
Setting notifications, scheduling changes, search engines and backup information.
Viewing statistics for your page or site.
Requesting a Go address (redirect) for your page.
News and events
Using news and calendar pages.
Using simple online forms.
Add simple multiple choice questions to your pages.
Resource bookings
Add a page where a user can book a resource.
Site administration
Perform operations such as changing page contacts at site level rather than page level.
Custom templates
Create your own page templates for others to reuse.

For application developers

SiteBuilder APIs
Details and code examples on SiteBuilder APIs for technical developers.

Web Architecture APIs
More API information for developers.


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Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
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