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How do I add a comment when I edit a page?

When you edit a page, you can attach a short comment describing the change you made to the page. Comments help other editors see what changes you made, when you edited the page and why you changed it.

  1. To view existing comments go to Edit > More > History tab – for example:

    History tab showing previous versions and comments

  2. Go to the page you wish to edit.
  3. Edit your page as normal. Before you publish your page, look in the toolbar and identify the Comment on edit and Minor edit buttons:

    Comment on edit and minor edit buttons highlighted in toolbar

  4. If you are making a minor edit – say, correcting a spelling mistake or amending the layout slightly – select the Minor edit button. Your edit appears in the page history but other people don't receive an email notification.
  5. If you are making a significant edit – say, updating a list of available modules for a new academic year, adding lots of new information or deleting sections – select the Comment on edit button.
  6. Type your comment in the pop-up window. You can see how many people will be notified when you change the page (those who set the Notify option to receive email notifications when a page changes).

    Comment on edit popup window

  7. Select the Save button. The pop-up automatically closes.
  8. Once you have finished editing your page and saved your comment describing the edit, select the Publish button in the toolbar.
  9. A new version appears on the History tab along with your comment.

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