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How do I convert audio and video files to play online?

To ensure your audio and file format plays back on any web browser or device, convert the original files to a form suitable for the web:

  • File format: H.264 MP4 for video; MP3 for audio
  • File size: reduce the size as much as possible yet retain good-quality images and audio

Reducing file size is particularly important for those on mobile devices. Large, unoptimised video or audio consumes people's mobile data unnecessarily.

In this article:

If you want to convert large videos before uploading to SiteBuilder, or you prefer to optimise videos with a fine degree of control, see: convert videos to H.264 with HandBrake.

Convert a file during upload

  1. Go to the page where you want to upload a video or audio file.
  2. Go to Edit > More > Files tab.
  3. In the toolbar click Upload:

    Files toolbar

  4. If you upload a video or audio file format that is not suitable for the web (e.g. FLV, AVI or MOV), you're prompted to convert the file:

    Proprietary file format warning

  5. Click the Convert button.
  6. The converted file is now visible on the Files tab. Depending on the size of the original file, it can take a short time to finish converting the file.

    Video converted to H.264 MP4

Convert a file after uploading to SiteBuilder

  1. Go to the page containing the file you wish to convert.
  2. Go to Edit > More > Files tab.
  3. Select the file you wish to convert.
  4. Click Convert in the toolbar:

    Select file to convert

  5. Choose the Target format to convert your file to:

    • H.264 MP4 – the recommended format for video.
    • WebM VP8 – a high-quality web video format.
    • MP3 – the recommended format for audio.
    • JPEG – select this option to generate an image from your video, which you can use as the preview image shown to visitors before they play your video.
  6. Type a new name for the converted file to distinguish it from the original source file on the Files tab. For example, append -web to the file name:

    Rename converted file

  7. Select the Convert/resize button.
  8. You can see the progress of the file conversion. For large files, this can take some time to complete – you receive an email when the converted file is ready.
  9. When the file is converted, you can see it on the Files tab:

    File conversion complete

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